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[Shippost] Multiplying All Effects By Ten

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Some stuff that came up:

Torpedo Acceleration: +50 knots to torpedo speed. -200% to torpedo range. (Torpedoes go out the back of the launcher with 100% more speed).

Concealment Expert: -100% detection range to DDs, -120% detection to cruisers, -140% detection for battleships, -160% detection range for CVs.  Anything besides a DD cannot be spotted unless you look the exact opposite direction (cruisers are spotted at 20% of their innate detection range this way, BBs 40%, and CVs 60%).  Sounds great until you remember auto-spotting at 2km.

Target Acquisition System Mod 1: +500% to assured acquisition range.  +200% to spotting range and acquisition range of torpedoes.  So 12km perma-spotting radius.

Smoke Generator Mod 1: Become Perth.  Perth is still Perth, just 10 times as much.

AFT + SBM2 + Mike Yankee Soxisix: 94.5km secondary range on German battleships.  With the buffed ranges on 0.6.8's PT, this goes to 103.95km.

Advanced Firing Training: +200% range to all main guns of caliber 1390mm or lower and all secondary guns.  +200% to AA range.  Basically just +200% range for everything (lol 79.8km main battery range for the Yamato).

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