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19 pt commander for both LoYang and Anshan?

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Is it a good idea to share commander between LoYang and Anshan?

level 1: Priority Targeting

level 2: Last Stand,  

level 3: BFT, Torpedo Arm

level 4: Concealment

This is 13 pt. 

If another 6 pt is added, what would you choose to share between LoYang and Anshan?

Expert Marksman (2pt) for turning turrets in Anshan LoYang does not need that

AFT (4pt) for increase range in Anshan LoYang can't hit anything in that range...

Demolition Expert (3pt) for fire

Adrenaline Rush (2pt) for both





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No, they are 2 completely different ships with very different playstyles. Ideally, you should have seperate commanders for them. One is a gunship, the other a torp boat, and thus should be specced respectively.


- Anshan needs Expert marksman, BFT, Demo and AFT

- Lo Yang needs Survivability expert, Torp Expertese, Superintendent and Adrenaline rush


The only skills the two ships share are Priority target, Last stand and Concealment, other than that the ships have NOTHING in common.

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