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Ranked: The brawl is real. Thanks, WG.

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Holy mother of brawl, but Ranked is fun this time around,so far. I played several different ships yesterday and went 2-14, today playing only Fuso. What a difference a day makes!


I just want to give heartfelt thanks to WG for making the battles T6. So far 6-3 in Fuso today, and first in team score in every loss, so I haven't lost any stars. In four of those nine battles I managed High Caliber, which is usually between 60-80K damage. Too bad you only get the flags once!


With that battleship-heavy meta it's a brawler's dream, with plenty of damage to harvest. It's like a buffet out there. A slice of Arizona? A piece of Fuso? A side of Warspite? Almost every game has 4 BBs. So many battleships at under 10 km ranges, and few of them know how to brawl in the ship they are in. People wonder why so many players play so much coop -- because bots will brawl with you, letting you practice brawling in a BB, and teach you how to kill a BB at short ranges with manageable damage to yourself. 


See ya on the battlefield!

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