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APD #1: Ranked Play

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Hello all, my name is Abo89. I decided for giggles that I would start a serious of random diaries and guides, aptly named APD (Average Player Diaries). Considering how much I love posting to the forums and having deep discussions with you Purple Saltines (I kid. I actually really like this one shark, the cat isn't too bad, but I kinda dislike the medical instrument), I figures this would be the next evolutionary step. I do promise to try and not do more than one in a single day, no promises though,  I'm compulsive.


Anyway off to the first entry, which is ranked play. I honestly thought ranked would be more like this :cap_rambo: but it's really more like this:cap_book::cap_hmm::cap_old:. You got the one guy barking orders, the rest of the team over thinking everything and then that other guy thinking that everyone is a spud and really questioning his life choices of being in ranked anyway. 


The best moments though have been at the beginning. That really awkward, first date round table questions of what the plan is. This is where I have been pleasantly surprised. I like to think I have an understanding of game strategy and do not mind being at the helm of leadership, but this being a game rather let someone else yell out orders or take the lead than sit in chat and argue with them. So far this has not been the case. I make a suggestion, team either agrees or doesn't. If they don't agree I put forward an alternative and see how that goes. 


Currently only getting to play one evening but going 4-1 I was able to move from 22 to 19 in a hour. And the rewards, man I love the rewards. I see a lot of posts about of ranked is worth it and yada yada. Let me tell you, as a Mr. Average, I'm loving all the flags. Not to mention the experience also is great in my lil Farra. 


As far as potatoe play and toxic chat, I haven't seen much of it yet. What I can say as an average player, the more you rage the less I'll start to care. I want to get to a high rank just as much,  if not more than you do. I've never achieved high ranks and I'd really like to.  Trust me, be calm and be helpful and people will take to your advice much better. I get how frustrating it is to have a player spud out but it's truly often they think they are doing what is best. Communicate communicate communicate.


Aside from a few things, ranked has felt like any other random match with a little less stupid. It's been a great start that sadly I won't get to get back into until Monday. 


Anyway, keep posted. Someone suggested that I do a right up on the Myogi as I seem to be one of the few people to enjoy it. I think I'll call it "Myogi and Me" If you want too check out more of my material you can look up my aiming guide called "Abo89s crappy picture, Noon aiming guide" 

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