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Anatomy of a Ranked Match on Fault Line

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I don't remember seeing a script, but nearly every match from North Spawn goes like this...


1. Your team is gonna say "let's go A."  Everyone will agree.

2a. Your DD is dumb and actually pushes aggressively into A

2b. Your DD is smart and probes the outer edges of A with a clear escape route

3. Your DD spots a bunch of ships - no one can shoot at them, because they're all rock humping/hiding/blocked

4. Dumb DD gets wrecked, Smart DD runs away, you lose the cap

5. Reds start accruing points, and picking off ships one at a time with focused fire as they expose themselves from behind the rocks

6. No one on your team runs the gauntlet of doom through the choke point, you never contest the A cap effectively

7. Reds may grab B cap as well

8. Either they finish mopping your team up or they win on points


A cap might be viable from the North on fault line, but you're gonna need better than a collection of randoms to manage it.  The bots from PVE would be good choices, for instance.


What have you all seen so far?  

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Both sides of the coin; good teams and potato teams.


In Co-op if the gang at 'A' cap is supported, the cam usually sweep the bots there and start flanking East.


Depend a little on the ship and where I spawn, but Faultline is one of the maps I like a bit more than the others.

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I tend to play the spotter roll more often when I DD in ranked.I usually forego dmg/xp for myself because I'd rather get a star than anything else.


I really wish other DDs would play this way in ranked. I can't play anything else because nothing pisses me off worse than seeing them yoloing.


Going to do my best to keep my blood pressure low this season. I'll start playing on Monday night at rank 13. 


*crosses fingers*

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Just played it, from the north spawn, we went A, one DD apiece (Hatsu for us, Gaede for them). Our DD was smart, stayed alive until the end, their Gaede got shot up, smoked, left smoke, beached, was dumb.

Our Leander that pushed into cap to support went off to cap B and heal up, reds went far west and we won handily.

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