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My first battle today - Might Mo versus the Big E

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Hi everyone,

I decided to sail my Mighty Mo out today to see if I would encounter the new USS Enterprise.  Glad I did as my first battle had a Big E on both our teams which was a tier 9 max.  Our team played well and won, I did OK and shot down 25 :cap_rambo: planes.  That is not why I wanted to write the post.  The other team's Big E driver did not hesitate to go after me once I was on my own capping in Epicenter Mode.  He did a good job with his TBs by cross dropping me and putting three fish into me out of 7 that lived to drop.  His DBs on the other hand did not fair so well as I was able to decimate his squadrons and I had nice support from our team's fighters. Anyway, I believe that if you are good playing CVs, you will probably do OK in tier 9 battles as long as you pick your targets well and have supporting fire from other surface combatants.





Too all who bought her, have fun and good luck - just maybe not against me.... please - LOL


Love the way Mighty Mo prints credits ....




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