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British BBs....

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On 6/29/2017 at 5:52 PM, Dr_Venture said:

My answer:


lol, but in all seriousness, or as much seriousness as i can have, RN BBs will be here




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Unlikely.  6.7 is just now live with ST/CC testing of the T7-10.  6.8 will probably add the remaining RN BBs into the live server for ST/CC testing, in addition to the Dunkirk event.  6.9 will probably be final changes and adjustments to the line and final testing.  7.0 would likely be the live release (conveniently coinciding with the last representative of the Big 7 at T7 being released).


The thing though is whether or not WG will hold back the RN BBs until Gamescom (August).  As they did for the KM cruisers back then when they were practically modeled and playable.  They even allowed players to test them and get a free Emden and Captain after reaching T6 of the line prior to wiping them out and releasing the line proper.


Assuming 7.0 is the big release, WG missed an opportunity to release on July 7th, in a year that ends in 7 (7th Month, 7th Day, XXX7 year).  Granted, just a minor bit of fun with 7.

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