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2,000th post picture extravaganza!

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Hi guys! 


I reached a milestone with this post, 2,000 posts. I know, some of you are waaaaayyyy up there, but for me who was a lurker, this is a milestone for me. 


So to commemorate this event, I am going to do what I do best, throw pictures at you! :Smile_Default:


No real theme here, just random ones I'll pick. 

Let's get this show on the seas!






Needs no introduction, USS Enterprise (CV-6), as seen from above the bow.



Gneisenau at Kiel in an intimidating bow on view.



A bunch of sailors hanging out on one of HMAS Perth's main guns. 1941.



USS Atlanta (CL-51), USS Hornet (CV-8), and USS New Orleans (CA-32), June 6, 1942.



USS Newport News (CA-148), Des Moines-class firing a broadside in Vietnam, 1972.



HMS Queen Elizabeth, post reconstruction, with a stylish camo.



USS Long Beach (CGN-9). A one off nuclear missile cruiser with a ridiculous superstructure.



USS St. Louis (CL-49). This pic shows her in service with the Marinha do Brasil (Brazilian Navy) as Tamandaré (C12).



USS Arkansas (BB-33). Seen here sailing on April 11, 1944.



The Brazilian battleship São Paulo. Known for its mysterious disappearance while being towed for scrapping. She has not been seen since.



French Atlanta cruiser De Grasse (C610). The ship we were hoping would be the upcoming premium ship.



Lastly the Soldati-class destroyer, Granatiere. Italian destroyer of course.





That's all for now guys, I hope you enjoy! Next pictures will actually be a group and in order. 

Fair winds and following seas captains! :Smile_honoring:

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Grats on 2K and a nice selection of pictures.

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