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RNG and Fair Gameplay

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I want to start by saying I do like to play world of warships, however there is a problem that is getting to the point where I am starting to hate this game

When I am hit by battleship I play mostly battleships even at an angle I am citadeled, and receive heavy damage, or at point blank range I am hit and same thing.

However, if I hit them my shells shatter, bounce, or even at full broadside the rng gives me little damage, and this is shells that do not overpin, plus the shells overpin to much.

All I want is a fair rng, It is becoming very frustrating 

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Okay. This is a case of know what to do. First, I need to know what ship or ships this is. But here are some general tips.

1. Know whoch sheep to use. HE for destroyers, lightly armored cruisers and carriers, AP for everything else

2. Try not to broadside. Try to keep your ship angled while at the same time being able to fire most if not all of your guns. In short: Get your guns on the enemy but angle at the same time.

3. Some ships are too lightly armored to even try angling. Then use your maneuverability and speed. 

4. Hit the enemy in the middle to get citadels. Often, bow or stern shots do little to nothing as they overpen.

5. Know your ship. For example, German BBs don't attempt close range, Japanese BBs attempt to brawl with them at close range. 

6. Hitting is the first part. Aim carefully. Hitting more shells logically means more damage. In addition, if you have a long reload and bad accuracy, don't try to outrange your enemy. Conserve.

7. Your team is often the deciding factor. Stay with them. Maybe even let them take enemy fire for you. 

That is all. I know, it is simple but remember, just play rested and well. 


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Which ship are you fighting in? If they are low Tier BBs, you will get penetrated by another battleship, just depends how much damage they do. Your job is to minimize it by either predicting their salvoes to dodge as many shells as you can and presenting the smallest target possible with your angles. Another thing I find helpful is to sail with your team so you don't get focused. If the enemy keeps switching targets, the less damage and sinking will happen to your team as a whole. Hope that helps.

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