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Side-by-side Battleship comparison

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So, I did the comparisons of the two carrier lines, and I'm going to do one for each class. I like seeing the pertinent numbers right next to each other so I can see how each nation stacks up against the others.

This chart is for players who have played a few matches, understand the fundamentals of the game, and want to either get some good performance data to help them choose a line, or to get the quick-and-dirty of what they are up against. I really hope this helps some people understand the differences in the ships, especially if you're a numbers guy like me.


Here is how to read the entries:

[Tier] [ship name]

[hit points] [armor thickness]

[Torpedo Protection (damage reduction)]

[maneuverability value] [speed, in knots]

[# of main turrets X guns per turret] [reload speed/180 degrees turn speed/max. range]

  [High Explosive damage value/chance to cause fire]

  [Armor Piercing damage value]

  [Maximum Dispersion of main turret shots]

[# of secondary turrets]

  [# of turrets in group/reload speed/max range/shell type and damage, chance to cause fire (if any)]

[Anti-aircraft value]

  [# of turrets in group/damage per second of group/max range]


I have edited the chart with colors to better help one determine the best/worst numbers for each tier. Red will indicate that ship has the worst statistic among ships of its class for that tier. Blue will indicate that ship has the highest statistic among ships of its class for that tier. Data left black will mean either the ship is tied with another for highest statistic or ranking that statistic doesn't matter, such as the number of secondary guns. 

Some of the things I did not, or could not, take into account are the number of upgrades you can purchase per ship, the placement of main turrets, special abilities (such as hydroacoustics or spotter planes). If anyone who has played higher tier battleships and knows what sort of special gizmos or whizzfits a ship has, please comment and I will update the chart.

Also, I will not be including premium ships to these comparisons, as they are not part of the advancement lines. I created these to help people choose which line they would like to play, because it was a little overwhelming for me at first and I could not find anything like this.



Also also, all the numbers in the chart for each ship represent the ship when it is fully upgraded and without equipment, camo, or signals. The numbers can be misleading if you are looking at your ship without any upgrades. For instance, the Myogi has a torpedo protection of 0%, until you research and equip the "C" hull upgrade. These disparages are not reflected in the chart, only fully upgraded ships.


Tier 3 Kawachi

Hp 38700, Armor 16-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 13%

M-16, 20 knots

#MT-6x2, 30s/40s/10.9km

 HE 5100/29% fire  

 AP 8100  

 Max. Disp. 162m


 8/5s/3km/HE 2100, 10% fire;

 10/10s/3km/AP 2900




Tier 3 South Carolina

Hp 31700, Armor 13-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 19%

M-11, 18 knots

#MT-4x2, 30s/45s/15.7km

 HE 4100/20% fire

 AP 8100

 Max. Disp. 217m


 20/6s/3km/HE 1100, 4% fire





Tier 3 Nassau

Hp 35400, Armor 16-270mm

Torpedo Protection: 13%

M-17, 20 knots

#MT-6x2, 22.2s/51.4s/11.9km

 HE 3200/19% fire

 AP 7200

 Max. Disp. 172m


 4/4s/4km/HE 1100, 7% fire

 12/4s/4km/HE 1100, 4% fire;

 12/8.6s/4km/AP 3700



Tier 4 Myogi

Hp 45700, Armor 19-203mm

Torpedo Protection: 34%

M-38, 28 knots

#MT-3x2, 30s/37.5s/18.6km

 HE 5700/25% fire

 AP 10000  

 Max. Disp. 206m


 6/6s/3.5km/HE 2000, 8% fire;

 16/10s/3.5km/AP 2900




Tier 4 Wyoming

Hp 43800, Armor 13-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 16%

M-16, 20.5 knots

#MT-6x2, 30s/51.4s/15.8km

 HE 4200/23% fire

 AP 8300

 Max. Disp. 204m


 6/7s/3.5km/HE 1800, 6% fire






Tier 4 Kaiser

Hp 46400, Armor 19-350mm

Torpedo Protection: 22%

M-25, 23 knots

#MT-5x2, 26s/60s/16km

 HE 3500/23% fire

 AP 8400

 Max. Disp. 208m


 4/4s/4.5km/HE 1100, 7% fire;

 14/8.6s/4.5km/AP 3700





Tier 5 Kongo

Hp 54100, Armor 25-203mm

Torpedo Protection: 25%

M-44, 30 knots

#MT-4x2, 30s/54.5s/21.1km

 HE 5700/25% fire

 AP 10200  

 Max. Disp. 207m


 4/5s/4.2km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 14/10s/4.2km/AP 2900






Tier 5 New York

Hp 49100, Armor 19-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 28%

M-18, 21 knots

#MT-5x2, 34.3s/60s/18.0km

 HE 5000/30% fire

 AP 10300

 Max. Disp. 224m


 6/7s/4km/HE 1800, 6% fire






Tier 5 Konig

Hp 47100, Armor 25-350mm

Torpedo Protection: 24%

M-31, 25 knots

#MT-5x2, 26s/60s/16.5km

 HE 3500/23% fire

 AP 8400

 Max. Disp. 198m


 4/3.4s/4.5km/HE 1300, 9% fire

 14/8.6s/4.5km/AP 3700






Tier 6 Fuso

Hp 57100, Armor 25-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 34%

M-26, 24.5 knots

#MT-6x2, 28s/56.3s/21.8km

 HE 5700/25% fire  

 AP 10200  

 Max. Disp. 227m


 4/5s/4km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 14/10s/4km/AP 2900





Tier 6 New Mexico

Hp 53200, Armor 16-343mm

Torpedo Protection: 40%

M-17, 21 knots

#MT-4x3, 34.2s/60s/16.1km

 HE 5000/30% fire

 AP 10500

 Max. Disp. 206m


 8/4.5s/4km/HE 1800, 9% fire

 10/7s/4km/HE 1800, 6% fire







Tier 6 Bayern

Hp 51600, Armor 25-350mm

Torpedo Protection: 19%

M-31, 25 knots

#MT-4x2, 30s/51.4s/16.6km

 HE 4500/35% fire

 AP 10900

Max. Disp. 224m


 6/3.4s/5km/HE 1300, 9% fire

 10/8.6s/5km/AP 3700






Tier 7 Nagato

Hp 65000, Armor 25-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 25%

M-27, 25 knots

#MT-4x2, 32s/47.4s/20.5km

 HE 6500/30% fire 

 AP 12600  

 Max. Disp. 231m


 4/5s/5km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 18/8s/5km/AP 2700





Tier 7 Colorado

Hp 50100, Armor 13-343mm

Torpedo Protection: 37%

M-17, 21 knots

#MT-4x2, 30s/45s/18.8km

 HE 5700/36% fire

 AP 12400

 Max. Disp. 231m


 8/4.5s/5km/HE 1800, 9% fire

 8/7s/5km/HE 1800, 6% fire







Tier 7 Gneisenau

Hp 58200, Armor 25-350mm

Torpedo Protection: 22%

M-49, 32 knots

#MT-3x2, 26s/36s/19.5km

 HE 4400/34% fire

 AP 11600

 Max. Disp. 240m


 11/5s/5km/HE 1500, 5% fire


 68s/6km/64kts/13700 max. damage






Tier 8 Amagi

Hp 66300, Armor 19-254mm

Torpedo Protection: 43%

M-42, 30 knots

#MT-5x2, 30s/41.9s/19.9km

 HE 6500/30% fire 

 AP 12600  

 Max. Disp. 214m


 8/6s/5km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 16/8s/5km/AP 2700






Tier 8 North Carolina

Hp 66000, Armor 19-305mm

Torpedo Protection: 19%

M-36, 27.5 knots

#MT-3x3, 30s/45s/23.3km

 HE 5700/36% fire

 AP 13100

 Max. Disp. 271m


 10/6s/5km/HE 1800, 5% fire






Tier 8 Bismarck

Hp 69200, Armor 32-320mm

Torpedo Protection: 22%

M-46, 31 knots

#MT-4x2, 26s/36s/21.2km

 HE 4400/34% fire

 AP 11600

 Max. Disp. 255m


 8/3.4s/7km/HE 1300, 9% fire

 6/7.5s/7km/HE 1700, 9% fire






Tier 9 Izumo

Hp 78900, Armor 21-356mm

Torpedo Protection: 28%

M-34, 28 knots

#MT-3x3, 30s/40s/21.7km

 HE 6500/30% fire  

 AP 12900  

 Max. Disp. 226m


 12/6s/7km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 1/12s/7km/AP 3300





Tier 9 Iowa

Hp 79000, Armor 16-307mm

Torpedo Protection: 25%

M-51, 33 knots

#MT-3x3, 30s/45s/23.3km

 HE 5700/36% fire

 AP 13500

 Max. Disp. 272m


 10/6s/6km/HE 1800, 5% fire






Tier 9 Friedrich der GroBe

Hp 84300, Armor 32-300mm

Torpedo Protection: 25%

M-41, 31 knots

#MT-4x2, 32s/32.7s/20.3km

 HE 5000/41% fire

 AP 13500

 Max. Disp. 247m


 8/3.4s/7km/HE 1300, 9% fire

 6/7.5s/7km/HE 1700, 8% fire





Tier 10 Yamato

Hp 97200, Armor 18-410mm

Torpedo Protection: 55%

M-31, 27 knots

#MT-3x3, 30s/72s/26.6km

 HE 7300/35% fire 

 AP 14800  

 Max. Disp. 276m


 6/6s/7km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 6/5s/7km/HE 2100, 8% fire;

 2/12s/7km/AP 3300





Tier 10 Montana

Hp 96300, Armor 19-409mm

Torpedo Protection: 37%

M-41, 30 knots

#MT-4x3, 30s/45s/23.6km

 HE 5700/36% fire

 AP 13500

 Max. Disp. 297m


 10/4s/6km/HE 1800, 9% fire








Tier 10 GroBer Kurfurst

Hp 105800, Armor 32-380mm

Torpedo Protection: 25%

M-41, 30 knots

#MT-4x3, 32s/40s/20.6km

 HE 5000/41% fire

 AP 13500

Max. Disp. 268m


 10/5s/7km/HE 1500, 5% fire

 4/7.5s/7km/HE 1700, 8% fire







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