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Enterprise getting AP bombs

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AA strong ships are going to get even more popular lol from the all these new premium CVs getting added.

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Encouraging more AA ships, makes me want to play CVs even less..

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Soo....when is she going on sale? Been getting back into CVs myself...She may be one I want to get... gotta make sure I have enough cash saved up for both her and Harekaze... o3o

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Thing is this video is literally what Sub posted on I believe reddit it's meant to counter - that BB that's sitting still camping behind a mountain. Even looking at the video, regardless of manual drops or not - ship movement both forward, back, and side to side does have an effect on if the DB's hit or not, now throw in AA which yeah, top tier a CV may not struggle as much with but out tiered, they may never have the planes to score a hit even against a lone BB (I've seen Iowa's wipe out entire attack waves before the bombers get near). Add in as Sub also points out in mechanics, and is pointed out in these having a caliber, This is basically dropping a BB shell on these ships, and they will generally overpen DD's and cruisers, meaning you trade damage against DD's for damage against BB's, and that can hurt when that enemy DD sneaks through and all you can do is overpen. Also, these can richochet/bounce, unlike HE that even a 0 damage hit can start a fire that causes damage, or a miss knocks out modules with HE AP won't. AP bombs simply make it that you have to be as wary of USN DB's as IJN torps, and aside from this meaning a possible return to AS USN, isn't gonna change A demand really because A: it'll be the same as the AA wanted against IJN and B: unlike IJN TB's, these have to get right in over even the shortest range guns to hit and it's usually those shortest-mid rangers that deal most of the damage.


It'll change things a little, yeah, namely, what set ups USN uses and what they are good at taking out depending if the user keeps HE for DoT and DD hunting, or AP to nuke BB's if they get a good hit and over pen anything else save some heavily armoured cruisers and CV's maybe. 

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