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The DesMoines balance changes what I like, what I don't

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This is my opinion on the DM changes from a while ago that WG put through. I think WG hit some very good parts of the DM but I think some of the changes they made weren't needed.

What I like

First off, armor. I think the buff on the central deck armor to 30mm defiantly helps. The ability to bounce up to 430mm shells off your deck defiantly helps at medium to long range engagements.


What I don't like

I don't like the reload buff her guns got. This might just be nit picky but I felt her guns were the one thing that didn't need to be adjusted. If WG wanted her to do more damage an ammunition change for slightly more damage on ap/he, maybe? But I didn't think the .5sec reload was not necessarily the right answer. (the other us CA rof buffs were good tho)


My personal wish list
As I said before, the 30mm deck was good. I want to see that extended to the rest of the center hull to encourage more pushing and angling. (If I wasn't very clear on the area, its this green section bellow)5dy7efq.png?1
Every other tier 10 CA (sorry Minotaur) has at least 30mm here but DM doesn't.

Another change to the armor is that 6mm athwart ship armor. Other tier 10 ships have at least the same amount of armor there as they do in that center hull belt, but DM only has a laughable 6mm. A buff to that would be nice, how much that would/should be is not something I've thought to much about.
With those armor buffs I would roll back the rate of fire buff. If DM has greater survivability she should theoretically be able to out put more damage.

So that's my opinions. You may disagree with me or not. If you do, please post your side.

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The ROF buff was great for the DM. Now with the rest captain and ship equipment set up you can get the reload down to 4.4 seconds.

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What you say does make sense, if you last longer you do more damage. I don't think I have ever seen a post where the OP asks for a reduced rate of fire. That is unless, they just got sunk by the Minotaur or Akizuki. I do see your point though. Guns alone, do not a good ship make.

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The entire side of the ship does not need to be 30mm thick.  I'd say the lower 2/3rds of the current 25mm segment can be buffed to 30mm, then WG should leave the rest.  Lolpenning the upper 25mm segment would be too high for citadels anyways, and it leaves her susceptible to belt penetrations from long range - which, considering her strength up close, should be a thing, because engaging in a ranged gunfight with a DM is a stupid idea.


Honestly, I just don't want to see the DM buffed by too much more until the 5"/38 MK32 mounts get their proper performance as secondary guns, and perhaps the 3"/50 mounts get made into secondaries as well.  Both of those combined with her immense main battery rate of fire would make her devastating at close range.  Combined with survivability buffs, it may prove to be too much.

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