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406 and 420 the math

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The question one may ask is :

What are "Delta 406 (%)", "Delta 420 (%) ?
=> "Feel factor". A mathematical quantitative to describing the instinctive feel that a player gets when he switches to a different calibre, from what he is accustomed to.

Example : Reloading
Delta 406 (%) : +10.6% . A player, who is accustomed to using 406, switches to 420, will instinctively feel the 420 reloads slower (by 10.6%).
Delta 420 (%) : -9.6% . A player, who is accustomed to using 420, switches to 406, he will instinctively feel the 406 reloads faster (by 9.6%).



I leave *multiple* (down to scenarios even) conclusion-interpretations to the thinkers. Data above for your analysis, please.


My own (after playing quite many matches in the GK, corroborates with the table above) is stick to the 420s, 
An insightful article regarding 420/406 : http://himeuta.org/showthread.php?8661-420mm-vs-406mm-(iChase-video), which corroborates with my observations/data-mining in matches in the GK (switching between 406/420). 


For the FDG and GK Brawler BB.



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I will go on record to say I absolutely hate the FDG (fully upgraded now) as compared to the prior Bismarck, BUT when I switch from the 406's and went to the 420, I found no difference in the amount of practical damage I would see.  I did not find they would hit any better, do any more damage, were any more reliable and they were slightly slower reload which to me can be a problem over the course of the game.  I just don't find the 35K XP and the amount of credits to upgrade to be worth the price for what you get over the 406's, for me there has been NO benefit.



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