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Missing the Naval War League.

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  It was interesting and fun!


 I've been bored lately, and taking a break from WOWS.  So, just for fun I came up with an appropriate response to a scenario I posted in one of my many new ship threads.   That scenario was an unprovoked surprise attack on our John C Stennis CVN and escorts while transiting the South China Sea.   Basically a Pearl Harbor-esque declaration of war by the PLAN.


  In it, they attacked the Stennis, the Worcester (Cleveland class CGL), and their 4 Burke and 3 River class escorts with sea,air, and ground launched Anti-ship cruise missiles and their anti ship ballistic missiles.   1 Burke was lost (one of the last in-service Aegis equipped flight II's), the Stennis was heavily damaged, and the Worcester and Anacostia suffered moderate and minor battle damage.  There were more than 400 casualties, and 113 deaths- mostly on the DD and Stennis.  It was a "classic" saturation attack- and would have been far worse if not for the presence of 5 brand new CommandNet equipped ships (Worcester, Anacostia, Genesee, Rio Grande, and The Sullivans- a brand new flight III Arleigh Burke) equipped with the AN/SPY -6 APAR, the Aster missile system, and DART rounds.


  In return, the PLAN lost all 12 attacking aircraft, 3 Corvettes, 1 frigate, and a DD.  Several others were damaged.   We also sunk a submarine, when it made the poor decision to close to finish off the wounded carrier.   It was spotted by several of the escorts, and had the additional bad luck of encountering the Anacostia at close range.  (a brand new anti submarine frigate)   The Anacostia launched torpedoes, as well as it's forward ASW mortar, resulting in massive damage to the sub.  It never managed to launch any torpedoes.


  This attack, while costing us dearly in terms of sailors and pilots lost, as well as materially, also proved to be a successful first combat test for several of our systems:


1) the combination of CommandNet; AN/SPY-6, and SMART-L proved to be highly successful in dealing with a saturation attack.


2.)  This was the first ever live combat use of an Aster missile- and they proved every bit as capable as they were in tests.  (and a damn good thing, too considering how much $$ we have invested in that system!)  Intercepting numerous missiles, and accounting for appx 2/3 of the plane kills.


3.)  Raptor CIWS, and Mk250 37mm point defense gun.   Raptor was called upon to deal with a few incoming missiles- mostly with it's missiles or the RAMS.  In the case of Anacostia, it saved the ship from being hit by an ASM with it's 30mm mount and a RAM.  It suffered minor damage to it's flight deck, and had some storage lockers destroyed and a MK250 mount knocked out by debris- but far better that than the alternative.    Rio Grande scored a plane kill with it's 37mm cannons. (why that pilot ventured THAT close to a carrier battle group is unknown- but it'll be the last time he makes that mistake...)  All in all, the Navy is quite satisfied with that weapon system.


4) DART ammunition.  These proved key in dealing with so many airborne targets at once.  Significantly raising our rate of fire vs airborne threats, as well as gun based AA effectiveness vs modern missiles.  They were credited with several missile kills and a plane kill.  (via a 127mm DART from Worcester)   They worked seamlessly with both the CommandNet system AND the Raptor system.


  This unprovoked attack is unacceptable, and President Velasquez immediately ordered a strong response.  News of the attack caught up to her in the middle of a live "Meet the Press" interview- causing her to curse violently, and issue a glare so dark, it caused blood to curdle in viewers across the globe.  She then assumed an icy calm, and announced the attack to the world audience,  thanking the brave sailors and officers for their professionalism and sacrifice- and promising that it would not be in vain.


  The response is a large naval surface task force called Zulu 16.   It was tasked with eliminating the man made island based missile batteries and air strips as a threat to shipping in the South China Sea;  Hunting down and eliminating China's carriers in the S China Sea,  and dealing with whatever other threats they encounter.  Basically, we want to complete their attack, and sink their prized capitol ships.  It goes without saying, that the Navy is spoiling for a fight, now... And also, that unlike in 1941- we have plenty of other naval assets in the Pacific.


 Zulu 16 is comprised of 2 carrier battle groups, 2 St Louis SAG's, 1 Phoenix scout group, 4 SSN's, and a whole slew of escorts-including 2 of our Midway class CVL's.


 Capitol ships:

George Washington CVN

Gerald R Ford CVN

Sacramento BC (a 12" armed St Louis)

Calgary BC  (10" armed St Louis)

Missoula CGA (Indianapolis class heavy cruiser)

Albany CGA   ( ditto)

Sea Wolf SSN

Pennsylvania SSN

Virginia SSN

Alberta SSN


Battle Group:

Suriago Strait CVL (Midway class "light" carrier- a fleet carrier by anyone else's standards)

Saratoga CVL (same)

Lackawanna CGL (Pittsburg class light cruiser)

Sparrows Point CGL  (ditto)

Hamilton CGL( ditto)

Gary CGL (ditto)

Cincinatti CL (Cleveland class light cruiser)

Quebec City CL( ditto)

Norfolk CGL  (Phoenix class scout cruiser)



4 Erie class DD's:  Superior; Michigan; Ponchartrain, Hudson's Bay.

6 Arleigh Burke flight III's: The Sullivans;  Carl M Levin; Harvey C Barnum jr;  Benfold; Decatur; Porter

6 Tribal class frigates: Seneca Warrior; Mescalero; Crow Nation; Seminole, Jicarilla, Huron Warrior.

6 River class frigates: Yellow Knife; Hudson, Monongahela, Rio Grande, Genessee, Hood.


  There are other assets in the area, too- including 2 or 3 SSBN's- but they aren't part of this task force.


  Initial actions will be a coordinated attack on The remote missile and air bases threatening the international trade route, using cruise missiles and bombs.  The 2 CVL's will play a big role in this, by providing a lot of extra fighters.  Once missile and radar installations are knocked out, the cruisers will move in and mop up with guns.   The Sea Wolf and the Alberta are tasked with finding the Lioning or any other carrier- and putting it on the bottom.   Added bonus, if they can sink some type 55C's, too. The rest of the fleet is there in case the PLAN objects. (or in case they get really pissy and start sinking commercial shipping)


  Up until now, our only involvement in the global fracas was in dealing with commerce raiding, the fight with Venezuela, and guaranteeing Portugal's neutrality in the Franco-Spanish conflict.  And protecting France's Atlantic coast. ( so far, they have not called on our mutual defense treaty for anything but that)   So far, the Israeli, Greek,Jordanian and Kurdish coalition is holding it's own, and has not asked for our help- save for purchasing materials from us.

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I also miss the League. I would also engage in this scenario if we can somehow revive the league. Sounds like an interesting proposal although I would add in Missouri to the list of Capital ships due to her location in Pearl and the relative ease of which she can be reactivated due to her proximity to an active naval shipyard.

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  I actually decided against building either of the BB classes I designed- due to their limited role vs their enormous cost.   For general fleet use, the St Louis class was deemed to have enough heavy firepower for our needs AND be useful in other roles, too.   Especially now with the 12" armed flight III's hitting the fleet.    It would cost a king's ransom just to update Missouri's power plant to modern standards- it takes juice to run 2 main radars, and a CommandNet system.  Not to mention all the stuff connected to them,lol.  As this battle proved- having sophisticated air defense capability on every blue water ship is a MUST.  The PLAN would positively salivate over the chance to put the Mighty Mo on the sea floor.  It would be interesting, though, to put that old school analogue fire control computer through it's paces again, wouldn't it?  The "kids" wouldn't know WHAT to make of it, lol.


  We have no plans to invade mainland China, or any other heavily protected place (other than Columbia- to drive the Venezuelans out- and we have land options for that).  But if we do, and we need them- Wyoming and Montana are both approved and ready for building.  We also have the capability, once again, to produce 16" guns and their projectiles.




 The Destroyer that was lost was the Kidd.  She went down when her captain tried to intercept 2 missiles headed strait for the wounded Stennis, by literally putting the ship in between.  Both slammed into Kidd instead- 1 penetrated it's main fuel bunker and detonated, the other hit just forward of the superstructure, and got the forward VLS.  Most of the deaths occurred on the Kidd.  It's unknown at this time why she was unable to intercept or shoot down either of those missiles.  


  A rescue mission was in progress shortly thereafter, with The Sullivans and Porter escorting Stennis as it turned south and steamed away at full speed; and Worcester and Gravely guarded the 3 frigates rescuing sailors out of the ocean.   By this time, the attacking force was in full retreat, and no further shots were fired.


 The Kidd was on it's way to San Diego- to be decommissioned, refitted and renovated, and sold to Greece.  The crew was due for shore leave, and would then be re-assigned to the new ANS Kidd- a new Flight III Arleigh Burke.   The Greeks aren't thrilled with this development, but we've offered them a different Flight II- or a new type 90 at the same price.  (They'd already started paying for it...)


  After some wrangling among the Pacific Command, it was decided to repair Anacostia's gun mount, (an easy fix- a new cupola, replacement barrel, and a remount, realignment and recalibration of the turret) and allow it to participate in the coming action.  The other damage is non critical, and can wait until a scheduled port rotation.  The Commander and crew unanimously volunteered to go, and a few favors were called in.   No fleet Admiral ever turned down an extra ASW escort, particularly not one that's proven itself in battle.

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