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One of my greatest matches ever

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I am working up the IJN CVs. I have American so at the moment the match was in the RYUJO. Team is doing alright but all of a sudden we are outmatched map was Strait and the entire northern fleet was been wiped out. Bayern New Mexico Graf Spee and Shimonoseki are bearing down on me. I am hiding in the pocket of islands. Dive bombers kill the Bayern torp planes hit the Graf Spee, come back and rearm. Then the second strike sinks her. New Mexico is right around the corner so 3 salvos of torp planes and bombers onto her. My last attack was dropped right on top of me. Shinonome is capping in smoke. Random dive bomber drop HITS the dd completely random luck, resetting cap. 1st torp drop complete miss. 2nd miss. 3rd one blind drop and the dd runs right into it. Kraken, High Caliber 157656 damage. Team was going nuts. Red team was awe struck. Best game I've ever had. Unfortunately no video :(


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