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D-Day - Soon we shall engage in combat. In order to defeat the enemy, we must fire on our homeland. This is the price of liberty. Vive le France!

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 Bientôt, nous nous engagerons dans le combat. Pour vaincre l'ennemi, nous devons tirer sur notre patrie. C'est le prix de la liberté. Vive le France! -  Vice Admiral Robert Jaujard








Here are the WoWS ships that was part of the invasion:



USS Arkansas (BB-33) (Wyoming class)

USS Texas (BB-35) (New York-class)

USS Quincy (CA-71) (Baltimore Class)

USS Tuscaloosa (CA-37) (New Orleans Class)

USS Murphy (DD-603) (Benson Class)



HMS Warspite (03) (Queen Elizabeth-class)

HMS Belfast (C35) (Town Class)

HMS Danae (D44) (Danae Class)

HMS Ajax (22) (Leander Class)

HMS Orion (85) (Leander Class)

HMS Emerald (D66) (Emerald Class)

HMS Enterprise (D52) (Emerald Class)



Free French

Montcalm (La Galissonnière class)

Georges_Leygues (La Galissonnière class)


And there are many more not listed here in this thread, however they can be found here


So when you play the ships today, remember their history in freeing Europe from tyranny.


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Great job including all the ships that participated

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Very nice! +1

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