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Scenarios - critic

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Scenarios basic structure is ok and thrilling.

Scenarios current difficulty is not ok - dificulty not ok. 

Divisioning is partly impossible

Yes I am sure co-operative will solve problem but current random playerbase will ruin scennarios good taste. 

Some scenarios "give" victory but truth is we are roflstomped defeated and one ship alive (DD or more usually cv). 

Repairing is ok.

Most satisfacting was that carrier repair & escort. Hovev er I notice if you are close enough carrier you are not going to be torpedoed by bombers so this broke ""reality"" feeling. 


Nicescenarios but need tweak. 

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I found all of the scenarios frustrating at first. They are definitely tuned to tier 6. Having the majority of ships on your team at tier 5 and you will have a tough time winning. In the defense scenario the British cruisers shine. Mostly because the bots will steam headlong into your smoke. I thought the US BB, and IJN CV were best for any offensive scenario. I did notice the bot CC seemed to have really good AA. Especially in the later waves.DD seemed to be the worst. I am not sure if that is because they were inexperienced. Most of the DD's I saw were deleted in the first 2 or 3 minutes. 


I did not realize that in the Killer Whale base attack scenario some of the land based fortifications spam med to long range torps. Once I learned that the scenario went from impossible to merely hard.

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