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:izmena: :izmena:


My Gross and a Donskoi start alone facing C cap.  I ask Donskoi if he would like to crash C with me. He was a bit hesitant, and rightfully so, as a CA can get focused and killed quick.  My response "That's OK, just hide behind a land mass until I clear tne cap".


Yes, that was a boast, but what can I say.  That's my play style.  Now, to be certain, if the entire red team shows up, I won't yolo.  But I was ready for a brawl.  The DDs were sparse in this MM, and I was alpha dog capable of taking on any other BB in the game.  Fiji smoke was a concern...but there's lots of land masses and hydro works nice if I can drive through.  So unless red showed up in force...I was all in.


I make it to the C cap and there is a T8 BB and three CAs in support.    The two CAs balance out the BB tier difference and they probably could have contested to a draw.  But they all turn away when they see me in the cap, two head for B..giving Donskoi and I the advantage.  But we get the CVs attention and have several attack squadrons in bound..  Fortunately, Donskoi stuck with me, and together we beat back the air attack.  We then dispatch the BB and the CA...and the drive is on.  Deep into the enemy's rear.  We get flanking shots on red at B, and when they realize we're deep in their flank, several turn and focus us.


In need of a breather...I park myself behind the land mass on the H line (where the CV was originally hiding...but now long gone).  Donskoi is with me.  The CV comes at us again.  And with Donskoi's help, I survive.  Of course, all those that turned to focus us, now don't have a target, and our team can get flank shots on them.  This is the power of position!  I give Donskoi a heart-felt "Thank you"...saved my bacon for a second time from the CV.


Once I get repaired and DCP cool down, we resume the charge.  Donskoi splits off and drives on B, taking out a DD attempting to flank us on the right.  I was able to catch a BB broadside and wipe a Fiji playing with smoke on my left flank..and drive on the A cap from the rear.  


All said, the two of us capped C, Donskoi was capping B from the rear, and I was entering A from the rear beginning to engage their CV..which was finished off by our team (I don't recall who got the kill).


Of course, this was all my little bubble.  The rest of the team did their part keeping the red's attention while we made the drive.


Here's a screen shot during the drive.  Drive shown in purple, with Donskoi's split in orange.






And here's the final score:






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like how you threw in a diagram of your movement, position and calculated aggression are the instrumental to this game.

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Feels great when a bold attack works (which rarely works because everyone chicken out) eh? :great:


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