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Well it’s that time of year again.  For those of us in the academic community it’s the equivalent of New Years – only the resolutions we make are not for self-improvement, but for the next batch of humans released into the wild.  Graduation is a time to reflect on our own ability to share what we’ve learned, how we can better the process, and to dive into the research that’s been deferred for the last year.


I have guessed that many of you on these forums are passing from university to the challenges of life after, and to those I say: best wishes and have fun.  I was lucky enough to have an academic mentor who said “If you love what you are doing the rewards take care of themselves”.


To those who haven’t passed that threshold I say: take your time, give ear to the advice of the experienced and, if you can, make your own decisions.  No one, including yourself, can imagine where you will be thirty years from now (imagine how dull your life would be otherwise).


For those celebrating graduates and the envious undergraduates waiting in the wings, I would urge you to view a Ted talk by Mike Rowe.  It offers a perspective that, in my view, many university students could benefit from considering.  Regardless of the best efforts of well-educated mentors there is much material left to learn, and you may find that your best teachers come from places you least expect.  Very often the people who have the most knowledge to share are those who have never graced the halls of the Ivory Tower.



So please, keep your head in learning mode!

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