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Help: Advanced Anshan tactics?

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BlailBlerg    256

So, I have weirdly high winrate in Anshan even though some games I barely top 20k dmg.  I do cap a lot, but it feels like I've oddly been carried in this ship more than is statistically normal.  Perhaps me being alive and being a DD capable of capping made my team feel more powerful?  

Anyway.  If I want to directly contribute more with this ship, in the current meta and MM (one of the harshest for DDs), what are your advanced points of advice?  


It seems like going for CE to slteath fire torps when at low health is a very good possible use of play. 

I don't tend to get a lot of gun damage.  Probably around 20-30k (which isn't bad considering averages..) and I usually get another 40-50k off torpedoes.  On good games I'm be at 3-4 kills and 80k dmg, staying alive all game and capping 2-3 times. 

On bad games, I'll be in T8 with my horrible 12km range, bouncing shells off BBs from max range doing very little except cap. 


Should I get IFHE?  


Current set up: 




(AFT)12  (+CE) 16  (+DE) 19, very far into future. 

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IFHE is a waste, simply due to low volume of shells comparatively. It would add 25mm plating to HE damage areas (ie T6/7 BB plating, maybe some T8 cruisers?), but reduce your fire chance. About the only small caliber ships it would be worth it on would be Flint/Atlanta, or maybe something insane like the Khaba.


Would probably go either AFT or CE first, and then DE later on. Could consider SI versus BFT for some extended smoke flamethrowing. Maybe throw in AR as a cheap sub for BFT as the game wears on.

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Umikami    1,181

For me, IFHE has worked wonders in two ships I've played; tier 6 and 8 German DD's, and Akizuki.

(I'm sorry to say I haven't tried it yet on ANY 127-8mm guns so I don't know how it will work with those.)

With the 130's on Anshan, though, IFHE will yield some interesting results when shooting at heavily armored ships, allowing you to pen them at certain critical areas. Areas like the bow and stern, where IFHE allows for pens and damage comparable to hitting superstructure.

As far as Captains skills; everybody plays different so individual playstyle will heavily influence the skillset you want to end up with.

Go with what works for how you do things.

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