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World's Top Grossing Mobile app scraps its English version

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Why the game never took off in Western markets is beguiling.  


With a gross revenue of $1.3 billion, Monster Strike surpasses every mobile app in gross revenue, including Clash Royale and Pokemon Go.  With that revenue it may also make more money than any F2P game in any platform, period, including League of Legends.  That's more than enough money for two Wargaming.net empires (2015 grossed over $500 million) combined.  The game even has tie in movies and anime TV series (you can see that in Crunchyroll.)


But on the Western markets, the game is a complete flop.  It doesn't even make the top 100 list.  Is this because of culture?  I checked the game out, doesn't strike to have that sort of Asian or Anime type peculiarities since its basically a physics game, like Angry Birds.  And its an awesome physics game, besides.  Is it because of the gaming culture between East vs. West?  Another Japanese mobile game that was a major hit in the mobile market and with a recent anime tie in, Puzzles and Dragons, did much better in Western markets where it would occasionally spike to the Top 100.  There are many Asian or Anime themed games both in the App Store and in Google Play.  In fact, you can find many of them in the Top 100, Top 50, and even in the Top 20.  So far even Nintendo's Fire Emblem Heroes is currently pulling at the Top 20 in Google Play, ahead of Russia's major hit mobile entry, War Robots.


This episode echoes what happened to Rage of Bahamut, a Japanese mobile card game that before, frequently was on the top 10 of Google Play, but as of 2016, quit Western markets and discontinued its English version.


I certainly hope this does not send the wrong signal to Japanese developers about not trying Western markets.  We still don't have Gran Blue Fantasy and Fate Grand Order in Western markets yet.  It was a positive development that Fire Emblem Heroes hit the Top 100 and constantly fluctuated there.  FEH is currently on the Top 20 grossing for Google Play, and the recent spike likely thanks to the release of the hero Iki.




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