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Winning More Battles: The Definitive Guide, Part 1 of 5: Defending is Easier than Attacking

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Well, I wasn't sure where this series should go, so I put it here.


This is to be a brand new series on improving your chances of winning a battle for your team.


With that, let's get into it.


Let's start off with a quote by Aerroon: "Defending is easier than attacking."


Well, yeah. Of course it is. All those who refuse to defend in favor of capping are missing out on easy xp and credits.


For anyone who doesn't know, base capturing in WG titles works like this:


you've got a capturer(let's call him Warship A), and a defender(Warship B).


Warship A enters the capture point. He then has to remain in the capture point for a certain amount of time that varies by game mode and also by the type of point trying to be captured,(a base or Epicenter takes longer to cap with a single ship than does a standard domination capture point) all the while not taking any fire and without any defender in the circle. A defender in the cap will stop it, and hits(not even damage is necessary) will reset the capture timer.


Meanwhile, as I stated in the above paragraph, Warship B only needs to hit(not damage) Warship A with any type of surface armament(main guns, torps, or secondary guns) to reset the timer. Warship A needs to kill Warship B to be able to cap under most circumstances, whereas Warship B need only hit Warship A every now and then to reset the cap, and Warship B can stave off a cap near-indefinitely if Warship A has no support.


Aerroon is right.


If you look at my own stats, you'll see that I do favor defending over attacking(like around a 3-4 percent difference). I don't get why so many new players are afraid of defending. There's no special Invader medal for capping like there is in Tanks. Defending is so much easier, and you get a hefty reward in the team score as well for doing so.


The moral of the story: Defending is easier than attacking, and thus provides easier rewards, so whenever possible reset the cap. Trust me, you won't regret it.


A shout out to Aerroon for inspiring me me to make this post.




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Defending capture points is definitely very important, and quite easy, but at the end of the game, the first team to get to 1000 points win, and you can't win points by purely defending, so attacking early and successfully will do more to win the game than a solid defense.


That being said, staying alive is extremely important, don't rush into a cap if you aren't planning on coming out alive.

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In Standard battle, taking a somewhat defensive posture at the start is good strategy. This does NOT mean sitting in the spawn. It means positioning yourself so that you can spot the enemy, figure out what they trying to do, and then STOPPING THEM. Sometimes it makes sense for a lone DD to enter the enemy cap just to pull them back. Every once in a while the enemy team screws up badly enough to allow your team to cap. But it takes a really long time to capture a base in Standard Battle. 


NOTE:  in Standard Battle the more ships you have in the enemy base, the faster you capture it. Assuming those ships don't get hit.  That resets the capture points for the specific ship hit. If there's a DD in there no one on your team can see he will cap out no matter how many times you hit the teammates around him. 


In Domination Mode, the OP's approach is a recipe for defeat. Pick two caps and contest them. Don't throw your ship away if you can't cap, but don't think sitting back and think being "defensive" is going to win. Once one team has control of two caps (assuming 3), their chances of winning go up. If the other team fails to contest the middle cap, its over. On the maps Shards and Neighbors, for example, if your team doesn't contest and eventually control the center (B cap), you have a high probability of losing. 

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