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Channel Chats in Battle?

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Channel Chats in Battle   7 members have voted

  1. 1. Should players be aloud to chat in official and created channels while in battle? Channel ex. "Search for Division"

    • Yes, we want to chat in battle
    • No, it will make battle interface too complicated

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What are your guys thoughts about this? 


I think it would be a cool feature to still be able to chat while in a battle. Of course, the channel should be accessed through using the tab key and going into the added "channels" tab.


I'm only bringing this up because I want to send off a quick message in the battle loading screen but get cut off when Match Making has completed. Also, it's frustrating when trying to communicate with contacts who are in battle and you have to wait for them before they can respond. 


Of course adding this function may be hard for WG as port and battle are two separate worlds, and maybe it wouldn't be bad to bridge those two worlds together. :)  

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