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Funny T3 Friant

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So, I'm running up the French CA line, and am having a go at Friant.  Just saw a really funny ending.  Normally, you hope to see the best play win out.  In this case, it was who will be the last team to make a mistake.  It is T3, so all is forgiven. 


Going into the end game, red is up on points.  We've got a BB and CA to their BB and two DDs.  First craziness is our BB is shooting HE at the enemy BB at almost point blank. Not just the "clear the guns" salvo, but multiple salvos.  I'm in chat...like wth.  Yeah, yeah, it's T3.  So the enemy BB stops exchanging with our BB and KO's our CA.  I'm like...great...our HE Shooting BB up against a BB and two DDs.  But I had to watch.  


One of their DDs swings in from the left, and the other from the right.  Our BB dodges a few from the the left side DD.  Then I see a torp wave of death from the right side DD.  Six...and there is no escape..two will kill our BB and at least that many are going to hit...can't turn in time.  Game over.


Miracles of miracles, the left side DD (after dropping its torps) ran across the bow and down the starboard side of friendly BB and literally soaked up all six torps.  And about this time, all those fires our BB set firing HE finally burned down the enemy BB and he exploded.


Now it's BB vs DD.  Unfortunately, the DD that died had trailed smoke, which our BB as running through, so both BB and DD can't see each other.


Red is up on points and just has to survive to win.  I'm thinking he can beat feet on the back side of the smoke and be invisible for the rest of game and win.  But he sticks around to fight it out with the BB.


Even more, he has smoke.  He could have run away AND smoked.


Oh well, our HE spitting BB finished him.     


Ah...memories.  Was I that blind in my day?  Probably.

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There's been more that a few skin of my teeth wins... The kind that have made me wonder what people who left the game early after getting sunk, because they though the team stood no chance; thought when they looked on the noitifications screen later and saw the 'certain loss' was a win....

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*Sigh*, I know what you mean. I've been playing with the T3 and 4 French cruisers in co-op, on both my NA and EU accounts, the past week I've been on vacation. Let's just say that "lack of experience" isn't limited to just one server. I've watched players in RN and French cruisers - cruisers with TORPS - turn tail and run to avoid taking fire from the likes of a bot St Louis, Kolberg, Bogatyr - ships that any experienced player knows only has guns. I'm like "What are you doing? You have speed and torps - get in his face and DELETE him!" Well, I guess I should be thankful in a way - their reluctance to scratch their paint left me free to calmly zip up to said bots at 30 knots and derez them with my own torps - damn shame they don't give out Krakens in co-op, I'd have earned a few the past few days.


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