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It's pretty bad when you hafta' carry the bots...

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Langley on Solomons; yeah, it's co-op; but not much point playing low-tier CVs anywhere else now; don't wanna be called seal-clubber, and I can at least defend myself against attackers in co-op...


You know it's going to be a bad game in co-op, when the team screen comes up and it's already 15-1... (15 bots..., ONE me...)


Head off into the corner, because I know what's eventually going to happen; then start grinding away at the red bots, and helping the green bots, as best I can.


Last green eventually dies, and here comes the lemming train of Reds; even though I've never been spotted, because 'Reasons,' of course.


Fine by me. Been there, done that before. Bots idiots want to close with and kill me? Great; makes it that much easier to whack them.


All the while my seven-plane fighter squad is murdering the bot Langley's squadrons, so when all the riff-raff was brushed aside, it was just a matter of whether or not my airstrikes could sink the bot CV before time ran out...


...they did.




By the bye... Weren't the recent changes supposed to make it 'less desirable' for veteran players to use carriers in lower tiers? 94k when the server co-op average for Langley is 25k, doesn't make it seem like I'm feeling that 'less desirable' impulse much, or having much trouble using the carrier after the changes...

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My 3rd co-op round in Bama was me and 7 bots. They left me alone against 5 AI bots, and I won, just barely. :D


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