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Why I Keep Playing

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There's been a lot of posts lately about people quitting the game. It's definitely a thing. I quit WoT cold turkey after 5 years. Just got bored one day and stopped playing. 


Add to this the seemingly interminable, always ridiculous, arguments over statistics and, hey, who wouldn't think about quitting. 


Then I had a series of games yesterday that reminded me why I play:


Game 1:



My German captain skills lag waaaaay behind almost every other country so I decided to try to do something about that. I skipped over the V-170 but then never played the German destroyer line. I decided to do something about that too. 


I have to admit the result here had me thinking it was going to be one of those days, but I kept going:


Game 2:



This was a REALLY fun game. The enemy team had a really good cruiser division but in the end we won on points with 2 boats to 1 (mine included).


Game 3:



The highlight of the night. I'd actually been struggling a bit in the Fujin lately, but here it was firing on all torpedo tubes. The game came down to myself and two bb's against 2 destroyers and 3 cruisers. I ended up in a one on one stalemate battle with a REALLY good Fiji driver and my two teammates cleaned up the remainder. 


The point of this post isn't really the results, though I was obviously happy. 


The point of this post is:

  1. All winnable games
  2. I was engaged for almost the entire game time in all three games
  3. Close finishes
  4. Good players


I often found in WoT that mobility limited your impact on the match, and as a result, your enjoyment. With the boats I feel like the only reason you can't get into the fight is if you don't want to get into the fight (or maybe driving a Colorado, but that was your choice). There's more "action" in WoWs. 


And, if I didn't realize it before, I do now: I'm a fully converted DD main. Any vulnerabilities inherent in DDs are negligible compared to the ability to just stay engaged. Your battles may be short, but they're not boring. 


After these three fights, I was done for the night. Quality > Quantity for me. I can see I won't play as many games here as I did in WoT, but I think I might enjoy it as much or more. 

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That's all it takes sometimes... Congrats on the games.


I *finally* had a great game in my Roon last night.  There may be hope yet.  #notquitting

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I did the same with WoT. Just left one day and never went back because of the stat-angst, stat-bashing and general unpleasantness.


I'm not even bothered by stats as I'm a collector first, but your first defeat in the V-170 says it all for me--if you play well this is good, even in defeat.


What's killing people is the psychological downer of repeated losing streaks which lights a slow fuse of atavistic rage (think repeated failed attempts to down that mastodon). Too many losses and you start feeling like shark bait, aggravated, and you start thinking about directing your time and energy elsewhere. No need to lecture about 'get gud'--don't shoot the messenger I'm just noting the dynamic.

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I left WoT because of the toxicity; seemed every match it was players telling me where to go, what to do, and what not to do. Then, as players start to die, it's them telling me what I should have done, why I'm such a potato, and that I should uninstall.

This is the same reason I don't like higher tier WoW games, everyone seems to be foaming at the mouth about "go here, go there, smoke, why did you smoke, cap A, don't cap yet, blah blah, woof woof."

The game is supposed to be FUN.

So, for all you "I want to be King of WoW and have the best win rate" types of players, cool; have fun, enjoy.

Just don't try to pile your "I have to win at all costs" horsepuckey on me or my playstyle, CUZ I'M JUST HERE FOR THE FUN.

I don't care a fat rat's patootie about your stats, your win rate, your precious standing in the community, or any other of an unlimited number of foolio and ludricris things players CHOOSE to be passionate about.

THOSE are YOUR issues.

I'm just here to have fun.

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Awesome post!!


It's nice to see some positivity for a change.


DD main here, but struggling to find the heart to play like I use to. I played the German to T4 when they first came out, but of course quit them as many did at that time. 


I use to really get excited about playing, but for a while now I've been meh. I might take up the challenge of running that line, but teams these days, i just don't know...

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yeah, had an unbelievably rotten friday and Saturday grinding Bogue to 300 games... Played one game Sunday morning that made up for all of that, and didn't play Bogue again for the rest of the day.

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