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Carrier knife fights

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What i would like to see to encourage carrier play is to introduce carrier knife fights in last man standing (1v1) or  team vs team scenario. (2v2) or (3v3) or (4v4)

This is indicative of the pacific carrier wars  as in the battle of the coral sea .

2 maps.

how this would works is to have  2 or 4 or 6 or 8 carriers carriers on either an ocean map or a map with an island

1. The island map would be a single circle for capping or not, depending on the gameplay.

The island map would be Midway where the airbase is.  if the island map is capped then planes can use the airbase planes and gain one squadron of fighters ? or whatever.

2. Second map would be the solomons, with tulagi, savo island and Guadacanal.  To start.

What do  you think devs ?  :)


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The problem is the amount of planes you would be putting up in the air really stresses out the game engine. Just go into a training room and put 8 haku on the enemy team and watch how badly it lags.

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Once technology catches up (and more efficient coding)...

Yes, 3v3 CV in divisions would be better.


Another idea for those used to CV fighting is FLEET battles.

I envision this as you use your own ships/captains to form a 'Fleet' of ships to do battle with someone else's 'Fleet' of ships (no CV).

You would run your fleet similar to how you direct your planes for CV ops.  Bots are running your ships (with those skills/setups you have), but you can zoom down and run one ship at a time if it's critical -- or the last one left.

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