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Loved the Z-46, Still learning the Z-52. Any pointers?

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On 4/27/2017 at 4:45 PM, 2ndAcr01 said:

 Z52 is a great boat. I am by no means excellent in her, I have games that are outstanding then I have games where I fail miserably. You can play her almost like the Z46. Her conceal is a little worse than Z46 if you are using both the commander conceal and conceal mod. Torpedo basically the same. Guns are also the same.


 I play mine as mainly a torpedo boat. Stay stealthy because at Tier 10 there is mucho radar. Use AP versus Gearing. I hang a speed flag on mine so with speed boost active she zips along 42+ knots, so she can get you out of trouble as fast as she got you into it. Learn when to shoot and when not to. But I still have trouble with that same thing.


Thats where I am at.  The Z46 feels stronger than the Z52 but then the better hydro and slightly longer torps are nice.  I use AP about 80% of the time; I wished the Z52 was a bit better upgrade from the Z46 but its more of a sidestep instead of a true upgrade.  To bad it can't compete as a true blistering gun boat like we see these days at T10, it gets shot to pieces.



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