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Warships Podcast Summary & Discussion Thread ~ Episode 35 HMS Hood, IJNS Kaga, KMS Tirpitz secondaries and more with iChase

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Episode 35:


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Hi everyone! For this weeks episode of the Podcast we have iChase back to discuss new additions to the game. There are some new ships we are currently testing and we give our thoughts on the new French Cruiser line and 0.6.4 changes. iChase talks about some recent diversification with his channel and broadening of naval gaming. We move quickly into show topics starting with the two new ships we are currently testing, HMS Hood and IJNS Kaga.


HMS Hood, the pride of the Royal Navy is a ship that we are now testing. This ship is well known in history and as such. Many of us a super excited to say the least, about seeing it in game. We have to remind everyone that anything we talk about with regard to the game or content in show, videos made, or write about on the forums are subject to change and very well may change. We get the opinions of each member on the cast about the HMS Hood and we are overall in agreement. Breaking down current stats and style or feel of play, each member has their ideas about how to help the ship.


IJNS Kaga is our second ship of preview and this ship is a joy to play in its current form. IJNS Kaga like Hood is fairly well known as one of the carriers that attacked Pearl Harbor and fought in the famous battle at Midway. We debate the current state of this CV and other CV's at this tier, talking about strengths and weaknesses it may have and maybe how it should be balanced. Game mechanics and style of play is brought up by iChase and how it is difficult for Wargaming to balance.


We get into new changes with regard to patch 0.6.4 which has brought about many buffs and improvements. One such buff is to the KMS Tirpitz' secondaries range. The improvements in range to 7.0km base has made it the same as that of KMS Bismarck. We debate this and the effects it might have on KMS Bismarck when comparing to her sister and the competitive standing it now holds opposite to the other tier 8 battleships. We also talk about USS Des Moines improvements to her deck armour which was buffed to 30mm. This buff means the ship should be a little more survivable and may help steer the ship away from hiding behind islands and the World of Tanks style of play which is often frowned upon.


We again talk about balance, mechanics and move onto our thoughts on the newly released French Cruiser line. Breaking down some of the tiers that each member have gotten a chance to advanced to and their ideas on whats ships they like and which ones they do not. Thank you everyone for listening and supporting the show. It is because of you, the community and our love of the game that we do this. <3 <3 <3


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