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Clash of the Elements Observation

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This is not a complaint thread.


This thread is my observation about the amount of change in each of the categories as you move along the bar.

Each of the five categories (wins, kills, damage, ribbons, and XP earned) has 12 levels, and I wanted to share my findings on the change between each level. For this thread, I am focusing on the kill category.

What I discovered is that the amount of work in each category goes down as you move along the bar. Let me explain.

In the ships killed categories the levels are

3, 8, 15, 25, 40, 55, 75, 95, 120, 150, 180, 225.

To move from level 1 to level 2 you need to increase your total kills by 167%. To go from level 2 to Level 3 you need to increase your total kills by 88%. (See WOWS Kill Bar for a complete breakdown.)

The pattern repeats in each of the other Categories. (See the other file for the analysis.)


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An interesting observation, but a mischaraterization of the data.  The amount of work is not a percentage of some total, it is an absolute amount.  The actual number of kills needed to get the next 5 coins increases steadily as you progress.  Thus the amount of work to get the next set of coins is strictly larger than to get the last set.  In order to have the percentage of the total increase with each stage, you have to use a function which is at least polynomial in complexity.  The overall effort for these coins is already ridiculous, and as a result, I am not even trying to get the main rewards.  Too much time and not enough payoff.

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Yes, there is a diminishing return as you go up in coin count - it's similar to the XP requirement when you grind the in-game ships.  If your goal is the Kami-R the way you think about it is you need to average 265 coins per week period (the original 10 for registering added to the rest gives you 805) - so you need to figure, of the 12 levels in each category, can you distribute your sub-goals based on your daily play stats to reach 53 checkpoints per week.  If not, you might be a lot happier, less frustrated  (& saner) looking at some of the other nice things in the gift shop.  Unfortunately, this competition imposes some heavy playtime requirements (kinda like the Santas Convoy time constrained campaigns) if your goal is the Kami-R.

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You need to get 800 out of 900 coins available

At least in the original Kamikaze event you got some for the team achievements.


Not liking this incarnation...

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