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Texas. 180K+ damage

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Never thought Id make this far, Could have gotten 6 kills but ally CV takes the kill


shot_17_04_03_18_38_07_0270_by_ph_pennysThe right part is the CV but I never got the screenshot of it.

But I took 3/4 of his health ( Langley )



Done this like couple of hours ago.

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Yesterday  was certainly the day for some players to get awesome battles and others to have horrid losing streaks.

Not sure what was up with the MM but no matter how how my damage scores went my teams lost, lot of it was due to freaky things in battles  like a Torpedo eventually detonated my Magazine on Fuso which has never happened before and that battle I was pretty much invincible sinking ships had downed 14 planes had CV on my team with the Jolly Roger flag ,until bad luck hit at critical time 1 lucky Torpedo managed to graze me on the 10th air attack that came after me. I figured Server was doing something odd since it was when all kids would have been in school which is usually great time to boost my WR except did not happen for some reason, all my teams would suddenly just melt away in odd accidents.

Knew some good damage score would be posted though since after bad matches like those knew some players would have good scores.

And yes the server was buggy since not only above mentioned things but also sound would fade out on server end, shells sometimes went wild as well as planes, the list goes on and I am not the only one that had confirmed bugs happening.

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