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065 WG ModPack - Updated 05/18/17

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17 hours ago, Lego_Party_Australia said:

Bump.  Is it possible to get the Dasha voice pack without the official mods?







This mod replaces the default voice acting in battles with the voice of Dasha Perova :)

Installing the mod: 1) Download mod 2) Run the file 3) Select the folder to install 4) Install 5) Run the game 6) Listen to the voice of the charming Dasha Perova. Author Note: With patch, the mod does not require updating. Meaning after installing it once, you do not need to reinstall it for every patch.

After installing the modification, start the game.
In the sound settings you will have the option to choose the voice overs you want!


Every single one of the mods are on one of the four forums, usually the CIS forums.

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@NikoPower If you cannot convince WG that maintaining their ModPack is good customer service you will be replaced ;)


(Its small joke)(Its also customer frustration)

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