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Battle of the Premiums! Niko-lai Chases Kat-ori in Epic Showdown! Clickbait! Amazing! Tell Your Friends!

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So, I happened upon some footage the other day of two premiums duking it out on the seas of battle.



The Niko-lais have the initial numbers advantage but don’t give up yet, the Kat-ori may be slow but she is no slouch!


Oh no! At 3:44 the Niko-lai bunch herds the Kat-ori into a corner! All pupper-cannons are firing but the Kat-ori has nowhere to run! At 4:30 the Kat-ori tries to slip through their defenses but is met with a loud salvo of cuteness!


But wait, what is this?! The Kat-ori pulls a sly move and distracts the Niko-lais with a small object and slips away! Well, the Kat-ori is gone and the puppers (cross that out) Niko-lais accept their defeat.


Stay tuned for future showdowns!

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Only problem being they're welsh Corgis... which look like border collies, but the legs seem a bit on the stubby side. Niko is some other Corgi derivative. 


Border collies are the best dogs in the world, hands down, by the way. I own two, and will never buy anything else other than that breed for the rest of my life.


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