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Balancing CVs versus AAW

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Hello All,



I have played low to mid tier CVs and I have played high tier BBs, CAs and DDs.  It seems to me there are two major problems - one for each of the two perspectives:


1. CV torpedo bombers can attack from really close and basically through islands.  This leads to unrealistic* hits and attack vectors that surface vessels can't counter properly.


2. AAW on surface ship down way too many aircraft, regardless of range from the ship.  If the plane enters the range of AAW, they immediately start getting shot down.  Realistically*, the longer the range the less accurate the guns are.


I feel that balancing both of these items would make for better game play on both sides.

a. Make the torpedo bomber exponentially more likely to get downed the closer they get to the target.  Torpedo bombers are slower and need to fly straight lines and they were downed much easier when attacking ships too closely.  A WOWS CV captain would rather make 3 attacks with a torp squadron from a little further away than make one attack from close and seeing nearly all their planes destroyed during the approach.

b. Make attacking over islands impossible unless the bomber is X distance from the island after flying over it.

c. Make AAW guns ineffective at long range and gradually improve the accuracy and damage dealt as the planes get closer.  At less than 1 KM, the AAW should be deadly, especially to torp bombers (slow and steady makes easy pickings)


Both of these items would make evasion a bit easier from both perspectives.


*I know by using the term "realistic" I will open up this thread to the "this is just a game" trolls, but it needed to be said.


Just my own point of view on the matter.



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