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I just ran about 8 battles in my Farragut with one of my favorite division mates. We always manage to pull off some really good games, not really in terms of damage, but just plain team play. 


I wanted to get a battle in before we divisioned up so I took my Farragut out for a quick little spin. I got a blind-torp kill on a quite oblivious enemy DD and then proceeded to go around the ENTIRE map of Rings and cap not 2, but three capture circles, 2 of which I did by my lonesome. I love this ship, and I would 9/10 recommend her to anyone wanting a good ship at tier 6. She can certainly punch above her weight, seeing as I am pulling in consistent 50-80k dmg games at Tier 7 and 8. Anyways, just thought I would put this out there.


For all of those who get the joke in the title. I thank you. Du bist klug!



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Oh yes, she's a blast to play. By far one of my favorite ships in the game.

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Nice game! Bad pun! :teethhappy: No really, I love my Farragut. The only reason I haven't played her lately is because of the Atlanta I won.

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