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[HUMOR] Super-Special Upgrades

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Hey all-was walking to work today and just kept thinking of ridiculous things that could be put in place for this. And well...


Hello Captains! To further enhance our fun and engaging game mechanics, we've decided to provide an additional slate of SUPER-special upgrades for your prized warships!


New Upgrade Features:


-Can be fitted in any upgrade slot as long as it's open.

-500 doubloons per use, per upgrade

-Applicable effects stack ON TOP of flag/captain skill/hull upgrades


With that, let's examine the new slate of upgrades:


1. Secondary Battery Upgrade 3


-Tired of your secondaries doing jack squat when they are basically the main guns from destroyers (and in the case of some ships, LIGHT CRUISERS)?

-Then purchase this upgrade and give your BBs, CAs, and CVs secondaries that live up to their actual performance!

In game, this brings secondary battery performance in line with the comparable range, fire rate, and accuracy they possess on standard fits. To illustrate, a Cleveland with the SCU 1 upgrade would then have the equivalent of six Gearing-class turrets, while the Yamato would carry multiple DDs and 2/5s of a Mogami’s worth of guns.


2. Main Battery Railgun Upgrade 1

-Who loves seeing shells take 15 seconds to TRY and hit an enemy ship 16km away?

-Purchase this upgrade and watch your shells fly straight into the enemy! Literally.

In game, increase shell velocity by 100%.


3. Supercarrier Deck Upgrade 1

-Flight groups a little too small? Not enough strike groups? Your poor carrier being lit up as you struggle to get planes airborne Change that with a bigger bat!

In game, for aircraft carriers, increase number of squadrons and number of strike aircraft by 100%. Reduce servicing time by 75%.


4. Modular Citadel Armor 1

-A second chance for all of our potatoes out there!

In game, reduce the first 50,000 citadel damage you would take to just normal AP penetration damage.


5. Autoloading Arsenal 1


In game, reduce main battery, secondary battery, and torpedo load times by 50%.


6. Close-In Weapon System 1

-Planes cramping your style? Want to activate some REAL death from below?

In game, provides “CIWS” cooldown ability. When activated, 20mm radar-guided Vulcan activates for 10 seconds and provides 1,500 dps for a 3km bubble around ship. Stacks with all secondary and AA flags, modifications, and captain skills. 180 second cooldown.


7. Guided Weapons 1

-Can’t hit the broadside of a Yamato from 1km out? We can fix that.

In game, provides “Guidance” cooldown ability. When activated, all fire (main battery, secondary, torpedo, air-dropped ordinance) are replaced with guided/semiguided versions for 40 seconds. Shells hit autocorrect for dispersion and are guided to target as long as fall is within 2km of intended target. Torpedoes gain both active sonar homing and wake-homing abilities. Planes drop laser-guided bombs and acoustic homing torpedoes.


8. Armored Prow 1

-Be very honorable, and crush your enemy beneath your bow!

In game, reduce bow-on collision damage you take by 95% and replace your ship’s bow with a ramming spike. Ramming is ALWAYS an option.


9. Fleet Commander 1

-Finding yourself stuck in a Solo Warrior situation? Want some help with the baddies? Never fear! The fleet is here!

In game, generate two country-specific corvettes as backup to fight alongside you vs enemies. Corvettes are captained by AI and carry light guns (76-100mm) and a single torpedo rack.


Buy yours today! ACTION STATIONS!


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252 posts
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Must be a joke. Only reason you could suggest such broken modules.


...the title and the tags on the post didn't give it away?

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I swear this is true already.."


Torpedoes gain both active sonar homing and wake-homing abilities. Planes drop laser-guided bombs and acoustic homing torpedoes."


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