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Where do I get the cool tags????

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Hey all I just wanted to say Hi to everyone and ask if anyone knows where I can get my own tag that shows all my stats from WOW? I see peeps using them in there posts and I'm curious just to see how crappy of a player I really am. I've been playing Wargaming games since I googled "FREE GAMES" years ago and started playing WOT, then WOW came out and I was so excited to see that World of Warships was coming soon. Sorry for the ramble and didn't mean to get off topic there!!!! where can I get the cool tags that I see a lot of players have at the end of their posts????


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To make this a little more universal:

  • Log into the Warships Today site  https://na.warships.today/
  • Just to the left of the search box, log in with your User Name (not your email).
  • Click on the quick link close to the top <User Name> player profile
  • It will say Warplanes.Today while it's loading; ignore that.
  • Scroll past your All PvP stats and you'll find the url for the stats box.


You have a choice of light or dark backgrounds.  Copy the url into your sig like normal; it will update automatically.


Only PvP will be generated.  You can look at your stats for PvE, two- and three-ship div, etc, battles but there are no stats boxes for them.

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If you go into profile settings on the forums you can add one picture to your signature, most people use warships.today sat banners. You'll see a variety tho, and you can put just about whatever you want.


Path is: person icon in upper left under warships logo > my settings > signature 


This pulls up what looks like a post. Click the picture icon next to the YouTube icon and paste the image URL from warships.today (or anywhere else imgur.com) into the bar provided. Then hit save and everything you put in will show up on all your posts.

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Yup, now place that link via...


Little person icon up at left top of page where it shows what forum you are in.

My profile.

Edit my profile (top right).


Click the image icon next to Font/Size/next to Youtube pic at top of this area you are typing in to post.

Paste that link into url

Save and look at preview.


Now all your postings before and after will show it. You can also add in typed info like I have.

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Another one.. Generate signature.



A site just for extra info and ranked stats..




The link to ship comrade can be useful, Thanks!
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