How to put images and videos into your post.

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This guide is more intended for those who are relatively unfamiliar with forums, and do not know how to put fancy images and other media into a post. If this sounds like you, then read on. If it doesn't, then go read a salty thread or something. 




The first thing you need to know about images is that you can't put them into a post directly. At least, not in a way which looks good. Instead, you need an online link or URL in order to place a full-sized image into your post.


Now, you may be wondering how one might get this online link, and how it can turn into a full-sized image. For the purposes of this demonstration, I will be using a website called Imgur.

This site allows you to upload images, and copy a URL from that.  


Let's go ahead and go through the process of using Imgur. First thing, you'll want to sign up. It's completely free, and only requires you to create a username, give an email, and make up a password.


Now, after having set up an account, you should be viewing the Imgur home page. Ignore the pictures there, and move your mouse up to the top right-hand corner. There should be a drop-down menu like this:


You want to click on images. That'll bring you to an empty page where you can add images to your account via a green button that says 'Add Images'. This will prompt you to either drag an image to the screen, or browse your computer to find your image.    

Click on the spoiler below to learn what to do with those images, once they've been added to your account.

For the sake of demonstration, I'm using this image, which has been shamelessly stolen from a post I've forgotten since:



Now, you'll want to click on the image you've imported into Imgur. It should bring up a window that looks like this:


As you can see, there are multiple options available in this window. For instance, if you want to edit the image size to make it a bit smaller, you can click 'edit image' down in the right hand corner. It's also useful for other things, so I'd recommend going in there and fooling around for a while when you get the chance, just to see what's available.


Now, I mentioned earlier that you need a URL in order to put an image directly into a post. Well, here's where you get that.

You see that line of text boxes, with 'copy' next to them? Click the second Copy box—the one that's green in the image above. It'll put the URL for a static image into your computer, ready to be used whenever.


Next comes the part where you put the image into the post itself. You'll want to go up into the icon menu above your post, which looks like this:



And look at that! The icon you want to click is already outlined oh-so neatly through Imgur's editing options! So, go ahead and click the icon. You'll get a window that pops up, looking like this:




As you can see, I've already used the computer's paste option to put the URL into the appropriate place.

In case you do not know how to paste something, just take your mouse and hover it over the URL section. Right-click, and a menu will appear with the option to paste somewhere in it.


If everything's gone well, then a little preview image should appear, as seen above. Go ahead and click OK. 


Now the image should be in your post. While this all might have seemed a somewhat complex process, it get's easier over time, as you get more familiar with the technology.       







To place a video into a post requires only two distinct steps.


First, you need a video from a website like Youtube. Like with the images, the URL is required to place the videos into your post. So, say I want to share with everyone the wonders of classical music. I'll look up an appropriate video on Youtube, and copy the URL of said video from the web address bar.


The video I wish to share has an URL at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E6b3swbnWg.

Like with the images, I need to go up into the icon menu above the post being edited, and click the icon that has the Youtube logo in it. 

N47OWdI.png?1Yes, this one. Good job past River, for highlighting that. I knew it would come in handy sooner or later.


Clicking that icon will bring up a window to place the URL in.


Again, fantastic highlight job.


Just place the URL in the blatantly obvious URL section, and you'll be ready to post the video. You can also mess around with the Start at option to begin the video at a specific point, by following the notation. 


It's as easy as that.




I hope you've found this guide to be the least bit helpful. Please, if you see someone struggling with their images, direct them here so that they can learn how to do it. 

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thank you  .. it has been awhile since i have put images into a forum so time to dig out my photobucket account ...  


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This is a nice guide. Perhaps I'll direct newbies over here when they ask how to link images and videos.


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