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Phoenix's Directory of Threads [Not a content Thread]

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Phoenix's Directory of Threads


Hopefully, if you're seeing this, it's because you've clicked on my signature... I used to keep the links to any content threads I'd started there, but that got way to cluttered, so now I've made this 'directory of threads.' Basically, if I've made it, and it's something worthwhile, I'll pop a link here. This could be anything from suggestions for tech trees, to premium suggestions, to things like my SPF threads. 

The idea is, there'll be a link to this thread in my signature, that will direct the curious here, and from here they can view any of those threads that might contain something that sparks their interest. 

My "Steel, Paper, or Fiction?" Series
A series in which I look at all the tech-tree ships of WoWs, and highlight which ones were actually built and operating, which existed as only blueprints, which are utter fiction, and which ones were started, but just never completed. There is a main thread with general information, and then sub-threads for the different types of ships, that includes more details.
Premium Suggestions:
Threads in which I make a case for a given ship to find it's way into WoWs as a premium.
My format is typically to write about the history of the ship, if it was built, i.e. why was built, and then it's career, followed by going over the stats of the ship, and how they might be reflected in game (with the help of the formulas created by Fro5ty). Then I go over how I think they might perform/play, and finally state why I think they should be included as a premium.
Tech Tree Suggestions:
Similar to the premium suggestions, except this is for whole lines of ships. In some cases, this is for a brand new line, in the cases it's the idea of splitting lines, for example that of Japan, if they can be split into workable lines (for that example, light and heavy cruisers).
The name says it all. It's random stuff that I think might be worth leaving a link to, that doesn't strictly fall into any other category. The quintessential 'Other' :D
All I ask is that you don't comment on this thread. It's meant to stay dead, only as a directory of stuff I've posted in the past.  
Good luck out there, and happy hunting!
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