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looking for a clan

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looking for a clan that can allow a noob like me to join

though there might be a few problem...

-i m from asia which means my playing time should be sth in the morning for america(my elgnish is gd enough for communication, no worry)

-i dont use ts


would be happy if there is still some clan that can allow me to join, playing random alone is boring...


ships(only the highest tier in each line is listed)

jap: yamato,shimakaze,akizuki,ibuki,shokaku


usa:fletcher,new orleans,new mexico



prem:kamikaze r,shinonome,graf spee


and many others...

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Hello yantam,


If you have TeamSpeak3 installed, are 18 years old or older, and are looking for a clan without any other entrance requirements, I think Pelagic Pirates may be for you. We are primarily a North American clan, although we do have some people who play in the early mornings also usually. Please keep in mind that all fleet events are run on Eastern Standard Time, so you'll have to take that into account for any fleet events you may want to attend during the day.


So, what can we offer you? Here's some of the benefits you would get from being a member of the PLPT clan:

  • First, we take everyone. There's no battle stats requirements, no time-in-game requirements, or any of the other barriers some clans have put in place. We also will not remove anyone because they have poor stats (and for the record yours are actually pretty decent). Our only real rules are respect, maintain a working microphone for TS3, and log in to check our website at least once every thirty days. That's it, there are no other rules.
  • Once you join, you'll be placed in a Task Force, which is a group of players that have been put together to allow newer players to have an instant community to be a part of. This doesn't mean you're locked in to dealing with just those players; we actively encourage you to work with everyone in our clan. It's just a good starting point.
  • Trainings: Our training program is second to none. Players of all experience levels can voluntarily come and receive trainings on one of our two training nights (usually held at 21:00 EST) and learn something new or trade ideas with other experienced players.
  • Officer candidacy programs - If you have the statistics necessary (we do have stats requirements for officers, I'm sure you understand) and want to contribute to making our clan a better place, you can apply to become an officer. We accept officer applications from even new players who have the proper stats and want to contribute.  If you think you would be interested in doing so, I encourage you to apply on our website after having filled out an application.
  • Certifications: Think you're pretty good in a battleship or the best person to ever drive a destroyer? Prove it and get some certifications. We offer officer-run certification programs where you can submit replays and screenshots of yourself within a set of rules to obtain a certification. Full details can be found on our website. Certifications are our way of saying yes, you actually know what you're doing in a given ship. If you think you have what it takes, come check it out! You'll have to hurry, we only accept a limited number of certifications every month.
  • Great community; with over 160 active members within the fleet, there's always something going on, even at 3 am EST on a weeknight there's usually at least one division going. On weekends and weeknights there's anywhere from 4-7 divisions going at once, so you should have no problem finding one you like if you can be on at those times.


So how do you join? It's easy; go to www.pelagicpirates.org, signup for iClans, and then fill out a clan application. Once you do, your application will usually be processed in the same day, and I've never seen one take more than 24 hours. Looking forward to sailing with you soon!



-erebus3226, Admiral of the Black and Chief Recruitment Officer,

Pelagic Pirates



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We accept all levels of play, and work with others to have fun and progress.



“One Team, One Fight”

It’s not just a thing we say, but a path we walk every day.

Find out why at the-bwc.com



We are a veteran founded, owned and operated military-style, international, multi-game Outfit with over 10 years of continuous excellence in gaming. You can expect a highly organized unit that provides training, teamwork, and a professional gaming attitude. Roughly half of our members are active-duty military, prior service, retired, and/or combat veterans. We are not a guild, we are not a clan. We are an organization that stresses teamwork, unity, loyalty and fun.

A military background is by no means a requirement but understand that we are competitive by nature. We’re in this game for competition and fun, but we believe winning is fun and the two are never mutually exclusive.

BWC will expend concise, effective effort where and when it is needed in order to insure our success in all aspects of this game.

We are not just a Warships group.The BWC is highly active and fully supported in many other games such as Planetside 2, MechWarrior Online, Arma 3, Star Citizen and World of Warcraft. Some of the mentioned games are free to play and we encourage you to join us for them. We also play various semi-supported games together as a community such as Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade, The Division,Diablo III and Armored Warfare and the list goes on.

Our ethos is “One Team, One Fight.” That posture colors every single thing we do as a gaming community and family.

Find out why at the-bwc.com


Commander’s Intent for BWC is to be the best Outfit we can possibly be in all facets of the game we choose to engage in.

We won’t restrict ourselves from using valid in game tactics and doctrine if those restrictions hinder our ability to consistently achieve victory conditions.

We are not the good guys. We are not the bad guys. We are BWC.

We’ll react to hostility and aggression as expected and as the situation warrants. This can be considered the core of our stance on how we’ll interact with the universe around us.

We make no promises, we stand by no pledges past the fundamental one we make to our brothers and sisters flying to either side of us.

We are in this together, as a team, and we will do what is required to support our existing habits of victory and success.

One Team, One Fight.


For over 10 years the members of the Black Widow Company, regardless of rank or position, have adhered to a detailed Standard Operating Procedure.

This SOP influences and governs everything we do as a professional gaming Outfit and has evolved as BWC has evolved as a gaming community.

As with all gaming properties that BWC engages in, there is also a game specific SOP that address the unique conditions and considerations required to achieve victory conditions and success within that gaming environment.

These unique conditions may be based on structure, game mechanics, Outfit goals and roles engaged in.

To find out more and discover how BWC SOPs work and how they apply to our presence in World of Warship, submit your application for membership at www.the-bwc.com.


The BWC accepts all applications at our website.

No applications will be accepted on this forum.

JOIN US AT http://the-bwc.com/


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Hello yantam,


Fifth Dimension has an active Warships group with both competitive and casual play. 


We have one of the largest groups in the game. Someone on 24/7. No pressure for ranks or responsibilities.


We have both NA and EU server groups. Most are in North America and Europe but we do have players globally. We have members who play other games like War Thunder, Navy Field and World of Tanks to name a few.


Mature gamers, 18+ is a requirement, most are 30 through 70. Over 180 in warships and counting. 


We are actively developing competitive play and have both inter and intra clan skirmishes and the clan beta. Not a requirement for our casual players.


Multiple games, as above, are supported in a diverse laid back Community.


Active TeamSpeak and Website. Stable, longstanding leadership. No dues or drama, only fun.



Hop on over and join us on our TS. Division up and play. 




Don't make any final decisions until you check us out.








Website: www.5DClan.com 




Contacts: mikemjk, AirBear, EnergyTorpedo, DJScotty, B_A_D_B_O_B, thewargod2000 and Major_Steel




See you soon,














TeamSpeak during primetime the other day:






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Hiya! I am ADMIRAL_CATFISH from the [FLEET] clan! We are currently looking for members and you could be one! Just fill out our recruitment form (it's pretty simple), read our clan etiquette  and join us on our discord server set below. Fair seas and have a wonderful day!

Recruitment form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdu11KfGq-lLwLm5YWT0GvckFYHxiBjSHS1-vKgmyYw_W8xjQ/viewform Etiquette is included

Discord link: https://discord.gg/hbrgRcF

We are looking forward into having you in our clan!

PS We don't use TS! We use Discord, perfect!




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if you haven't decided yet, I can propose you to join the Haifuri group. Currentely, there's 4 clans in there, the Yokosuka High School (HAIFU) led by holycow, Wilhelmshaven High School (WHS) led by Salem_Witch, Norfolk Naval College led by Armyboy941 and Blue Mermaids which is the more serious aspect of the group, led by Cyralline255 and me, TaihouOnKuma


Clan Events and expectations


  • We do Historical Battles every Saturday at 5-6 PM PST 8-9 PM EST.  Historical Battles are mostly done for fun, regardless on how one-sided the fights are.  It's all there to be done for fun for days.
  • Must be active in World of Warships, and must communicate (regardless if it's typing) in both in-game and Discord. (Life is harsh, so if you're inactive for a certain amount of time, it's fine as long as you tell me)
  • A lot of the members do play Kancolle and are doing the salt mines.
  • We are anime fans as well
  • We have cake. (still waiting for my part)
  • Not only do we play Historical Battles, we also have practice matches every Saturday after Historical Battles through the training room (this session only lasts about an hour in total with the historical events). (mostly some random craplike 6 Hakuryu + 6 Midway bot vs random ships) 


If you have any question, feel free to send me a message !


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Hey Yantam, check out MercStar! 


If you want to be an active part of what we have to offer, have a competitive mindset, play to win as a team and enjoy the camaraderie of others while killing ships, then come talk to us.


  • New to the game? No problem. We can help you choose the right lines that suit your play style and help build your captains.
  • Looking to up your game? We have competitive level trainers that have been in game since Closed Beta.
  • Experienced player looking for a new or first time home? You’ll fit right in.
  • Competitive player looking for a team with open slots? We plan to field multiple teams.
  • Not great stats but always willing to be that one guy doing anything for the team? Let’s see what you got and what we can do with you.
  • Looking to spend some money on a premium ships but unsure what to buy?  We can fix you up!
  • Are you a group or team in an inactive fleet and want to be a part of something more active and retain your unique identity? Our heritage is built on honoring and respecting the identity of those groups that make up the Alliance.


MercStar uses an established teamspeak server for voice communications. We ask you have a mic and be on teamspeak when participating in Fleet activities.We also use our enjin site (http://mercstar.enjin.com) for information, membership management, alerts and other communications.


Hit up Ihasa, GordonGecko1, or AleksandrWolf in game, message us, visit our teamspeak at, leave a post or see our enjin site for information or invites.




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