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Poor, Poor Emerald

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On 11/11/2017 at 12:46 PM, Ensign_Cthulhu said:

I had not yet considered playing the Emerald, or even this game, while drunk before.


Chances are that if I do that after failing so hard while sober, I will take her into a Random battle full of T7 Unicum players in Scharnhorsts and wipe the floor with them. (Okay, I'm joking, but I think you know what I mean.)


(It goes without saying that if such a thing did happen, it would also be the occasion on which the game-record function failed, or an update dropped the minute the game ended, denying me all proof :p )

After Thursday this quote was too perfect, I hope the game was truly magical for you.

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On 8/30/2018 at 9:46 PM, thepingman said:

With all the praises (?) here, should I just free exp past the Emerald? I'm now at Emerald, all modules researched, the only thing left is researching Leander and I have 10k exp in the Emerald at the moment. All of them grinding in Random Battles.

Anyway, from personal experience, I'm used to everyone in Tier 9 matches aiming at Chi-Ri back in World of Tanks the moment they spotted me before (Chi-Ri is essentially Tank version of Emerald at 2 tiers higher in Matchmaking if you don't know). I know that when that happened, they're not attacking someone who actually can win the game. I played to win, not to stat pad, so I'm fine with being a bait if it mean giving my team free shots at enemy ships/tanks while they trying to kill me.

Speaking of which; I still remember fondly the time where in WoT Chi-Ri netted my team free kills on Tier 9 tank because they keep pointing their turret at Chi-Ri's cover, waiting for it to come out while my teammates stood still in their plain view pounding them to scrap as they refused to look away from said squishy tank that cannot do any damage back because said tank is much, much easier to damage and pad stats than those tanks shooting at them (except that it didn't come out at all until those Tier 9 tanks are dead). I bet that there're some players in WoWS that will do that to Emerald too - waiting for it to come out of cover and ignore everyone pounding away their ship in full view and in their gun range that is.

It's Tier V.  You'll be through it quickly enough, but it will be a stupid ship nonetheless.  Save your FreeXP for something more important.  Quickly grind through to Tier VI and nothing else of the modules, just the hull and GTFO of this POS ship as soon as possible.  Tier VI Leander is next and she's actually a very good ship, leaps and bounds better than garbage a.f. Emerald.

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I hated this ship right up until the end. The last few games in her were mostly tier 5 or 6, and I did really well. I started to get a lot better about getting close enough to the enemy to at least feel like my torpedoes might do something. I can't say I've ever had much trouble hurting ships with the guns either. Especially since people have a really stupid habit of giving Emerald's their broadside, only to quickly cut that crapout when the Emerald starts taking them for 4k per salvo (I've done that to everything from DD's to BB's). Also, the DD's are cute when they think they can hit you with torpedoes.

By comparison, the Leander is kind of driving me crazy, mostly because it looses the steering gear all the damn time. I'm not sure I ever lost steering in the Emerald. I loose it in the Leander once or twice per match. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure once I settle into it, the Leander has the makings of a much better ship, but the Emerald wasn't all bad. It just took a while to get into the groove.

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I kept this ship. Its one of my only the T5's that remain in my port. 

I treat it as a three turret leandar that just needs some more patience.

Remember with British cruisers at these tiers approach an enemy at half speed so you use smoke. Hydro is good for smoke defense to spot torpedoes or engaging DDs in smoke. 

Always have an escape path planned. These skills will see you through the line to T10.

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At first I really thought I was going to like this ship... Quick guns, excellent torpedoes, and quite maneuverable.   Alas....As the grind continues I am noticing a repeating trend however.   Getting deleted pretty much every game eventually.   Its  just a matter of time when one of every single BB that is in range and is focusing you because they know one single round will eliminate you from the match with amazing consistency.   I really hope Leander is worth this.     

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I just citadelled one with Phoenix AP, while he was tightly angled.  it actually made me feel dirtier than when I citadel them with HE splash damage.

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