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An odd issue with game settings

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Some time ago a member provided a link called "the complete guide to graphics settings"  - http://forum.worldofwarships.com/index.php?/topic/92847-the-complete-guide-to-graphics-settings -.  This was incredibly helpful to allowing me to optimize my graphics settings. I've searched but failed to locate similar guides for other game settings.


After playing for a while (several updates and an issue that WG insisted I delete and recreate my preferences), I discovered that my audio settings became a detriment to my play.   Mainly the gunfire settings are (by default) too loud for me to hear other details (like when my hydroacoustic search cuts off, or critical vocal announcements).  I've adapted by turning my gunfire settings to ca. 20%, but it's not ideal.  I would prefer to increase my important vocal announcements so that the phrase "torpedoes to port - you're going to die" actually registers in my brain, but I've no clue which slide bar to increase.  Seriously, I've tried a few but so far I've managed to make the attention getting music louder (which apparently only works in movie theaters), or managed to make it seem as if I'm having an out of body experience while trapped in a steam turbine.


Is there a manual or description in the forum somewhere?  It might be very helpful to new players and those of us with selective hearing.  Thanks for any feedback.

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