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AA Upgrade & AP

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I switched from Aiming Systems Mod 1 to the AA mod on Shiratsuyu for Ranked play after a string of Ranked battles with CVs. It works. And if you do the math, it increases your dispersion at max range by something like 8 meters. 


Citadels with an IJN DD?  Yessir!  Imagine a low health Belfast knows you just launched torps and is coming around an island to kill you, confident in his upcoming victory. Load AP, get your turrets lined up, say a prayer to RNGeezus, and fire at the waterline. What? He's dead and you're still alive?  Yay!


DD AP within 5-6 km works on squishy cruisers.  Even IJN DDs. Yes, I screwed up to let him get that close, but he's gone and I'm not. At least sometimes...

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127mm IJN AP can citadel cruisers at that range, this is not news. You should also fire AP at broadside BBs unless you absolutely need to set them on fire.

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