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Shatter: C cap needs to be re-worked

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The "new" C cap really needs to be re-worked.


The island layout at the C cap, in particular the big island in the middle the cap, consistently create a drawn-out stalemate in the Eastern half of the map. Here's how it very often plays out:


C cap will be blocked/occupied by ships from both teams that are in the same cap yet on opposing sides of the big island so they aren't they aren't actually fighting each other. The only action/fighting in the East that actually does occur is minimal:

BBs occasionally venture far enough East so that the big island isn't blocking their firing line and engage in long-range exchanges with enemy BBs doing the same (they usually do so from fairly deep in their own half of the map, doing minimal damage). DDs occasionally make long, tiresome flanking runs out in the far East in order to get in a position where they can actually launch torps into the enemy's side of C.

There's hardly any active fighting going on at C. In fact, there's more East-West fighting (ships at A/B firing on C and vise-versa) than North-South fighting at C.


There is clearly an unwillingness to push around the big island in order to initiate an active fight for C cap because doing so leaves you very vulnerable:

1. pushing around to the enemy's side of the big island leaves you in the open because aside from the (too) big island in C, there's really no sufficient island cover around C (unlike the original version of Shatter).

2. you expose yourself to basically every enemy ship in the Eastern half of the map who are basically just waiting for someone suicidal enough to push around the big island.

3. you don't have close-range friendly support because their firing line is blocked by the big island (unless you coordinate a push around the island together but let's be honest, such coordination doesn't really happen).


The C cap has turned the Eastern half of Shatter into one giant stalemate that is usually only broken several minutes into the match when the ships that fought in the West (at cap A) start pushing East. Please fix C!

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I'd love to see that island disappear.  I'm never happy when I spawn on that side of the map.

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