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The end of a Nightmare with and old Fantasy

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Ok, i finally managed to rank out, bearing in mind it was only 150 games on season 2 on the Kiev this season was making me feel like a real potato. So my way out might help other struggling this season.


I started by hitting my head on the wall gunboating.


Blyskawika 131 games 52% WR


Yeah the wall was pretty hard and i just could not get the damage in time with so much smoke, so i gave the new hot stuff a try.


Shiratsuyu 205 games 56% WR

Yeah, radar is way to punishing and just could not be aggressive enough without loosing too much hp and then dying.


I was about to give up when i saw a post on the ships you used to ranked out that remind me of the best ship on the game for me that i cruelly sold after she did so much for me:


Turns out all that blood on the wall makes for a good target marker.


She was a dream to drive and i sold it like an ungrateful bastard. So if you are struggling like me this season remember she is there for you if you just give her a call. May she reign eternal :P

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I don't have the patience to deal w/ ranked play (150 games is the general amount needed to play in most seasons and I couldn't stand just playing one ship for such an extended time and I'd rather not deal w/ the toxic players and potatoes, ranked clearly isn't for me, the rewards of an OP/ near OP ship just isn't worth the suffering 

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