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What it looks like to mess up.

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Let me be clear. The fact that I got Fireproof and Unsinkable means that I screwed up in a big way. This was my 17th Fireproof, and my 1st Unsinkable award in nearly 1300 battles. How did I screw up? Well, I thought the three cruisers with me could take care of the two DD's in cap. Considering the Mass was basically spotted the entire time, and that the Udaloi went down to 3000 hp, I thought they would be able to handle it.

They did not.


I had to hit the Mass from 11km away and chunk away his health, eventually bringing him down to ~200 hp before the cruisers decided that he made a good target instead of the Shchors ~14 km away from me (who they were missing before that, btw.) Now, don't get me wrong, I was glad to see the Mass get sunk, since I could bring my attention to the Shchors, who quickly lost almost all his health due to a solid hit with only normal and overpens (The citadel came from an insanely lucky hit on the enemy FdG at the end of the game.)

But somehow the Shchors wasn't sunk in the next few moments, even though he's on precariously low health.


Now, here's where I really screwed up. He lit three fires on me. I put them out. Then, the Udaloi popped out from an behind an island in front of me. Thankfully, my guns were loaded, so I blasted him immediately. My damage control runs out just as a single torpedo from the Udaloi hit me. Instant flooding. The Shchors' get's the sort of luck I envy, and lights two fires on me in a single salvo.

Now I'm burning and flooding while someone finally hit's the Shchors with a single shell and sinks him. That's how low health he was.

I watch as my health drops lower and lower while using the repair to try and mitigate things. Damage control comes off cooldown a minute later with the fires already extinguished, though the flooding was still going strong. I mashed R with 2000 hp remaining.


I turned the camera to look behind me, and immediately facepalmed. A full health Izumo's sitting 10 km behind me, and an Edinburgh was sharing smoke with a friendly Shchors and Chapayev in the middle of open water. Granted, they were closer than the Izumo, but still. You'd think they'd be able to do something, especially with how good those particular ships are at killing DD's.  


So, thanks whoever you guys were, for getting me my first Unsinkable. For next time, please learn target prioritization and proper positioning.


/rant over.             


TL;DR—I thought I could count on my teammates being a little useful in this match. I was wrong. 

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