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I hate Neptune...Is Minotaur worth the grind?

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I found the entire BRN CL line to fluctuate between like, meh, and dislike. For ships that are so similar they sure are different.

  • T1 Black Swan = Love it. Most OP ship in game for it's tier.
  • T2 Weymouth = meh it's a T2 they all are bland and boring
  • T3 Caledon = Like it a lot
  • T4 Danae = Hate it
  • T5 Emerald = Don't mind it
  • T6 Leander = Like it a lot
  • T7 Fiji = Love it
  • T8 Edinburgh = don't mind it but could never do well in it
  • T9 Neptune = Like it a lot
  • T10 Minotaur = Want to marry it LOL. LOVE IT!!!!
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