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Secondary Weapons

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'New Armament' this year :3



although these were for use against subs only..


Yes. But hedgehogs at close range would be funny. :P

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All ships of the class carried a single 5 in (130 mm) gun in a turret at the rear of the ship. Two 40 mm Bofors guns were carried; a single mount at the bow and another amidships in front of the bridge. In addition, three Oerlikon 20 mm cannon were carried in single mounts. The main armament was the rocket launchers. No. 188 to 195 had 75 four-rail Mark 36 rocket launchers and a further 30 six-rail Mark 30 Rocket Launchers, the latter were removed in early April 1945. The others had 85 Mark 51 automatic rocket launchers.



Yes, that would be a fun ship in game. Chance for detonation 85%.

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