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King of Inconsistent... 13k, and 103k games in Gaede

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I'm so  bored; Ranked holds no appeal for me, I'm effectively done with the two campaigns, Southern Dragon is complete; and besides a mild desire to get the Leberecht Maass; I have no desire to advance further up any of the tech trees. (As a matter of disclosure, my father is in the hospital right now; 'being bored' atm is at least partly a reflection of RL taking precedent over gaming.)


So what do I; in my bored state?


Run Gaede; which I'm at least trying to grind, and hopefully not perform so badly in my apathetic, distracted state I let my team down, (maybe also Leander; but I'm less motivated even to reach Fiji than I am L. Maass.)




Not technically a bad game or overall performance, since it was a win; but I focused on holding off a Red team cap and only did 13k damage, (plus other ribbons.)


Epicenter on Trident, and I spawned in my favorite position on that; south center, furthest forward. I did what I always do; run forward at tuck up against that rock in the south middle of the map. It prevents any tics by enemy ships, it's a generally protected spot, and it forces a fight instead of a camp-fest. Generally I keep still, unless someone spots me, or tries to come pry me out. A good game, and bit touch-and-go at a few points, but a win in the end.


Ah Gaede... Did I mention I'm not exactly inspired to grind up any of my lines right now?




So I click in to another game, about as excited as one might be watching grass grow... but it seems that worked out, because I focused on watching the mini-map and main screen, and playing a defensive objective game, (defending our cap.)


At least this time I didn't just get a bunch of finishers, and did decent damage to three of the targets. Fires helped; typical driver failings helped; PAYING ATTENTION and working to be in position to take advantage of situations helped; someone who should have known better ignoring me when I was only 7k away helped A LOT.


A lot of luck this game; self made or whatever... I just wish I could be a bit more consistent across all my ships and games with positioning, (arguably my weakest skill,) and damage dealing...

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