So you can't figure out how to play your ship?

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Hey all new players,

Ive just started a twitch stream and my main goal at the moment is to help new players how to play their ships if they are struggling.


I am new to this twitch thing so you will have to bear with me as I don't have dates or times that I stream, but if I am on and able too, come on in and ask me to play a couple games of a ship you are having a hard time with and I gladly will show you. While watching youtube videos is a great start I feel they usually just show you a good game and how it was accomplished.

Streaming well, you are gonna see the good and the bad and I will tell you what I'm doing and reasons why as the game progresses.

As you can see I play all ship types and do fairly well in them, although I am lacking in some nations lines which I will work on to broaden what ships I can work with.

Also I have won first place in several of NikoPowers forum competitions and have placed in most of the others.


So if you are struggling and would like some live play by play help, I will gladly try and help!


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